Saturday, December 31, 2011

Sherlock Holmes review

Yesterday, like usual after work i when to watch movie Sherlock Holmes: A Game Of Shadow...because of im working during day now i just watch midnight movie during just a big fan of Jude Law but Mr Tembikai is a big fan of Robert Downey this movie its about this new case that Sherlock Holmes been eyeing for and about his best friend Dr Watson that already steady for marriage...within all of that and they both trying to solve the case that involve Professor Moriaty and find a way to bring that bad guy down and all the conspiracy that professor is just a movie to hurry up now buy that ticket!!!

Rate: 10/10

Thursday, December 29, 2011

The Darkest Hour review

Yesterday, i had a good news that Mr. Tembikai got new motorbike..i was so relieve an glad to see that he seem happy not look like haywire..but only one more thing going on and on in his mind his beloved Xbox which still in hospital...he have to wait till next Tuesday to discharge his beloved...well obviously i'm not the top 3 beloved one's...damn!! 

So we are planing to watch Sherlock Holmes: A Game Of Shadows but we miss the schedule time and if we want to wait for that story, i probably end up sleeping at the cinema and watch it in my dreams....hahaha so we choose The Darkest Hour instead and FYI the story-line is boring....but the effects are marvelous.. especially the invisible alien...but what makes it uncool is the ending!! its not a favourite of mine to watch story that doesn't have concrete ending....well it is suppose to make the story more mysterious but some how after watching lots of  that kind of does making me feel irritating..and seat back guys..i'm definitely sure that there will be The Darkest Hour 2 or maybe they change the name but the continuation of that the movie Tomorrow, When War Began...similar kind of story but the differences is that one is about war between countries and the other one about invasion of invisible alien...

Rate: 7/10

Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Tutti frutti for perfect two

Yesterday, after work we when straight to Dataran just to explore some of the shops that we didn't yet been explore...and guess what!! now did i know where is Watson is...usually i only just saw and when to Guardian...well after that refreshing-walk-for-eyes me and Nurul when to Tutti is just opening this month here and i think it is worth to try out here..i don't know why but there are a lots of people in that shop...well what are you waiting for lets try frozen yogurt!! there are to many flavours and we pick original tart so that it will match with variety toppings that we wont feel like vomiting later...hahahaha im just that fussy in choosing food and most of all the taste should be match in another words it should compliment each other and even that you think that it doesn't look match but if you taste it it would be absolutely amazing together...

So its time to choose the toppings...we put lots of cute little marshmallow, chocolate chips, Cheerios cereals, smarties, peaches, mangoes, fresh strawberry until its totally full....and it does look tempting to eat...the 'catch' it the frozen yogurt it sell by per 1kg is about RM58....yes!! it does expensive...but it is healthier meal to eat...and FYI healthy meals does with that gigantic cup i just can assume that we wont be eating milk or dairy product of week or maybe a month...hahahaha and we ate it while walking back the time we at the house im already full....

p/s: BTW bob if you read feel jealous...muahahahaha

Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Major switch up

Today i'm not going to post about foodies...instead i'm going to post about perfume...since the past 5 years i have been wearing lots of perfume and still explore on the perfume that suits me...if possible i would dream of having different kind of perfume depends on mood...imagine if you are in romantic mood, people will smell sweet garden smell...if i am angry at that time, people will smell chillies pepper smell...hahahahaha 

The first perfume that i fell in love at first smell..not first sight okay!! and i would never compared other perfume to it is White Musk, The Body far i just bought perfume in The Body Shop...maybe one day when i start working i'm going to explore other brand perfume..White Musk, The Body Shop did make a woman feel sophisticated yet refreshing and feel lady-like with the smell of the musk...and i did tried the limited edition of White Musk Hot Summer..and it was fantastic...after that i tried wearing Cassis Rose...since that time i'm so obsess with flowery smell..but i definitely not preferable Neroli Jasmine..but it is my aunt's favourite...since last year i have been wearing sugary perfume Love i really love the smell so few days ago i bought Vanila Eu De Toilette not perfume oil...i love spray one not oil...and it was lovely...i feel like i am going to eat ice-cream everyday..but that kid of perfume its a little bit limited since people love to buy it and always run out of stocks...well luckily for me i find my spot that it will always did not run out of stock...

Chillax at Ice Room

Last week me and Nurul when to Ice Room since i been thinking about it for days...and for days i have to pursue Nurul to go to Ice Room...and the day have i have no idea what's got into us..i mean like it been whole day that we ate cold drinks include breakfast...and that day was so cold and cloudy....its look like it going to rain but it didn't..right after work we when straight to Ice Room and we ordered Fresh Strawberry Fruit Snow Ice instead of Mango Pomelo Snow takes me 10 minutes to decide which i want to eat...all the snow ice look tempting..maybe next time i would try out Mango Pomelo Snow Ice and Tropical Mixed Fruit Snow Ice...

With the taste of the snow ice match with the thick strawberry syrup and the fresh strawberry compliment each other and also with sweet corn and selasih...anyway, i'm pretty sure Daily Fresh also have snow ice but without the extra fresh fruits topping and it was is called Ice Kimo...i had tried Soursop Ice kind the type of sour person so  basically most fruits that i like i bit sourly side..such as strawberry, lime, pomelo, doesnt matter what it is...i just love snow ice!!

Saturday, December 24, 2011

X'mas eve

I wake up this morning thinking about waking up late but instead i woke up at 7 a.m and with my sleepyhead i headed to kitchen but i dont ate..i just looking around as my mum and dad going to wedding ceremony tonight in KL...just brush my teeth im ready to send them to the airport with my uncle and aira...he without telling me after send my parents, he headed to Kuah to pick up his my mind i was like OMG this was the first time i went out without taking shower and i still sleepy though...luckily his friends ferry delayed so he turn back and when for a car wash....early in the morning we are the first who wash car having cendol pulut for my breakfast..and aira was looking weirdly at the car being snow wash....

Back home i was about to fell asleep while watching movies..then his friends came and afterwards we when out...FYI this time i did take my shower okay!!hehe we headed to chocolate shops where he cheapest chocolate you can buy in Langkawi and Cuban house...they got this amazing collections of pipe for sale and also variety of shisha pipe and also the is said that apple is the best most of as i was in the chocolate shop, i did discover Hershey's hugs instead of kisses...i though my uncle just made his prank we got hugs and kisses XOXO!! the what does hugs have that differ than kisses? well basically the hugs chocolate is a milk chocolate with white creme coating it which it called hugs the milk chocolate..and i found my favourite Ritters Sports....some might not familiar with the brand compared to Cadbury but once you try it, you are hooked....

Whole collections of Ritters Sport
except the limited edition

First car washed for today

My uncle with his daughter, Aira

Hershey's Hugs and Kisses

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Simply nothing

Some might said that silent is the best medicine and i can agree more...but if too much of silent make others step out of boundaries...its not that im a bad person but somehow i don't know why people doesn't satisfy with what my act...its hard to satisfy all but i did try my best...but if too much of silent make my mind headache...and yes!! im not happy or cheerful all the expression may look happy but deep inside nobody would know....i did silent a lot but that doesn't means i like it....but who not here to play games but im here to work and gain experience that is just just cant think any reason of why people just unsatisfied with me and Nurul....what did i do wrong!!! 

It start make me feel annoying with people actions toward me....correct me if i am wrong but what did i do until i get to be sorry if i make you feel so envious but i did not make that on it the way that i dressed? forgive me to say this but i only wore plain shirts with one plain black slack...i did not wear anything fancy not even an accessory...except i wore head band and pin on my head...and that just it...i don't even wore high heel...i just wore plainly flat shoes to work not even slippers because it will make my feet dirty as im walking on grass to work being as modest as i cant and still people cant just get it over with...FYI i don't chat with big-talk and all....i know where i stand and i respects others....i may jokes a lots to make it a warm conversation instead of an awkward just getting sick with people judging me all the time...

Monday, December 19, 2011

Almost 2 months

After all the hustle and experience i did want to say nothing seem to be the best experience than practical training....not just me but all of us that still in practical training...there are some experience that is priceless...not everything money can buy..last week i don't have much thing been done just hanging around in my house done some chores and relax all day long...that is just what i need for most....but last week me and Nurul when to walking around Senawang just to release stress from work..since last week and week before we were placed in can imagine the work done there....

True or false....i did make Nurul buy lipstick instead of just wearing typical coloured lip balm...some might said that lip balm is more important than lipstick but somehow lip balm is best if it just focus on repairing the lips and protect my tips are buy a good lip balm and wear lipstick instead..for the first time she going to buy her own lipstick....and yes it time to change...we are not kids anymore...only kids who like funky flavour lip advice to those just started with a natural colour...when i said natural doesn't mean nude don't want to end up look soulless face...spooky huh....hahaha when people say about make-up some might give really bad impression ....make-up doesn't means that you need to wear really heavy foundation base and look like going to costume party with all the sparkling colours...i might get freak out!! it just to enhance our complexion...that just it and oh i hide all the unwanted pimples...

So start from today guys!! its time to move on and does make a difference..just apply light foundation base, wear lip balm and on top of it wear natural lipstick...that's already enough...if want to look more just apply blusher to make rosy cheek and light dont have to wear eyelashes extension and thick mascara with rainbow eye-shadow....just save it for Halloween party or occasional functions..

Thursday, December 15, 2011

Favour translated as pertolongan

Post kali ini saya akan tulis dalam bahasa melayu iaitu bahasa ibunda kita....atas permintaan oleh seorang kawan saya bob yang meminta saya membuat entry bahasa melayu memandangkn saya asyik membuat entry bahasa inggeris...dan ddia agak pening2 lalat sikit untuk membacanya...mungkin ramai yang akan ingat bahawa saya ini seperti kacang lupakan kulit apabila saya asyik membuatt entry bahasa inggeris....motif ??? sebab saya ingin memperkasakan bahasa inggeris saya...dan lagi satu sebab ini blog saya dan saya suka....hehehe

Harini saya nak cakap pasal jalan-jalan cari makan di Giant...minggu lepas disebabkan saya sorang duduk di rumah memandangkan teman serumah saya balik atas hal kenduri...jadi saya pun keluar pergi jenjalan sorang diri di Giant...kebetulan la pulak saya terserempak dengan Cik Hanim....saya dengan bosannya pergi berjalan-jalan sampaikan semua kedai di Giantitu telah saya takluki...hahahahaha gurau je la...saya pergi tengok2 minyak wangi...beli macam2..nugget...sayur dan macam2 lagi...padahal dekat rumah duduk sorang diri je waktu hujung minggu...

p/s: apakah bahasa saya nih...dah macam karangan SPM dah...aduhai...maaf ye agak kekok skit menaip...

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Pink and white

Supposedly i post this entry days ago but i forgot..i just remember it few minutes ago..sorry for the delay...few days ago..R&D lab done sensory test for coconut milk..and they make chicken curry and kuih lapis...but instead of making kuih lapis in many save time they just make it two layers...its only to do testing not selling the kuih...i help in standardize the colour of the kuih...kuih lapis is made by steam the kuih layer by layer and consist of coconut milk, flour, sugar,salt and pink colouring..its depends on the person itself...but the original colour is pink and white...but some like to make it colourful..

Monday, December 12, 2011

Under the tree

Yesterday after work, we walk back and stop by at grocery front of it there is a stall sell fruits and also rojak...i have no idea what got into me that i kept picturing rojak in my i asked Nurul to follow me the time i went to the stall, there was only 2 rojak left...and i order one..maybe it look mouth-watery the way the guy make the rojak...she bought one also...and i keep laughing because when i bought rojak, she not usually the type of buying rojak every time i buy...and this was the first time she buy rojak...and it taste amazing...

I love the taste of the gravy that they mixed with the fruits; mango, starfruit, guava, sengkuang, cucumber and pineapple...some if you buy in chinese stalls they put crispy cucur in it...and the taste does blend in...on top of it they sprinkle lots of crush peanuts...the sweetness, spiciness and the sournes of the fruit blend well today and make me want for more rojak....we bought it on the way back home and by the time almost to our house...i've been thinking that it was a lovely evening...why dont enjoy the moment still we can..and we sat under the tree near kinder-garden..altough it does not look romantic as behind that we sat a bit far away from it is drain...but thank god there is no smell coming from the drain...

credit to Nurul

Waffle for breakfast

 It's been a week since i last updated my blog...i've been busy lately with practical training this week in warehouse...there are lots of cartons to pack...last week there are clients requested 1000 cartons of coconut much just happen during last week....and i could remember last time i when to my aunty's house before she moves to Sabah...she bought a dozen of variety gardenia waffle...i've tried fresh egg vanilla, blueberry, banana, maple wholemeal and a bite of classic dont really like the taste of cinnamon unless it is on my face as a on its own does not look tempting but if it toasted..the smell of the waffle linger around the house...and i tried it with butter on aunty's said that she tried once eat waffle with ice-cream...and it was marvelous especially using fresh egg vanilla with vanilla ice-cream...well my niece loves to eat waffle with strawberry jam...doesnt matter what flavour is the waffle...last time because fresh egg vanilla already finish...i ate most of i gave her banana waffle with strawberry jam on top...hehe i have no idea how does it taste....but my nephew kinda weird a little bit...he loves to eat waffle with mayonnaise on does look tasty if the mayo is spread on maple wholemeal and fresh egg vanilla but imagine if it is spread on blueberry or banana or classic cinnamon....never try that before...and my aunty loves to spread kaya either kaya or pandan kaya on her waffles...she did asked me to make her waffle maple wholemeal with kaya...and it taste lovely...

Thursday, December 1, 2011

Tuna for a day

Sorry guys... i've been busy lately since im in Filling area in production line...and its time to make tuna mayo....i did took some pictures on how tuna mayo is made...and it is as easy as abc but if it stick in your clothes i definitely suggest wash it quickly or otherwise you end up with fishy smell....well just lets say i have experience on that and i hate it!! im sure most of people love mayonnaise...and for sure i love it too..i would say that every food which is tasty definitely high in fat and calories....and it does make us feel addicted with the taste...yummy and after few months of daily consumption of that super tasty definitely gain weight after that and yes my mum would freak out and ask me to exercise more so i could loose back weight....haha

Back to the story of mayo definitely sure that everyone here love to put lots of mayo in your plate its either for dipping or making sandwiches without thinking of what did they really put inside it so that it will become mayo...but since im in the production line....once you see mayo in such a big make me feels like this is how i get love-handle....hahaha i did not notice it since i love to put so much mayo in my sandwiches that i made and FYI i made my own tower sandwiches i put 3 to 4 of slices toast bread and i have to press it down little bit so that i will fit in my can you guys imagine how big is my sandwiches...and now after of massive amount of mayo that i saw..i realize that it is time to cut down the let us all cut down the mayo!!

Massive mayonaise

Tuna flake and mayo in mixing kettle

Monday, November 28, 2011


I know its been a while since i last updated...i been busy this weekend..u know it 3 days off and im going to my auntie's house which end of this month she going to move to Sabah i when there and help her out painting rooms and well now i know that im not the most talented in painting walls...oppss my bad!! but after all i did paint yesterday she bought me and the teachers from her kids nursery to Domino's Pizza at Pandan Indah....the franchise just open up in Pandan Indah so no need to go all the way to Ampang Point....too crowded make me stress...unless it is about sales and 70 percent discount then im on...hehehe so the they before we did online order on the pizza and dine in at 11 am the next day..yes!! they do have online order and that just save much of your time instead of going to wait for the pizza to bake...and they give you good discount if you online order...

We end up choosing 1 large pizza thin crust with 4 regular pizza which 2 thin crust 2 new york crust...what so amazing about domino's it that it have variety of crust such as Classic Hand Tossed crust like the one in Pizza Hut, New York crust, Thin crust and Double Decker crust with cheese in the middle..if you are the kind of  cheese-lover like i would definitely recommend to order Classified Chicken in Double Decker crust and and extra cheese topping...after you had one bite of that you wont remember anything about going back to Pizza Hut me...i've done it...the cheese make you want to eat that pizza more..Domino's pizza have have 3 top signature sauce for base which is Domino's signature sauce which is from fresh vine-ripe tomatoes, top secret sauce and spicy sambal sauce...there are also new sauce in Domino's which in Pizza First Class range, barbecue and the other one im not so sure what it is...we order Meatasaurus, Aloha Chicken, Classified Chicken and also Extravaganza with side order twisty bread, roasted chicken drummet, and chocolate lava cake...however i would also recommend banana kaya dessert...

FYI Domino's pizza been establish first compare to Pizza is establish in US and second-largest pizza chain in US...and the franchise start to expand until it came to Malaysia...but some might guess that Domino's is new franchise than Pizza Hut...what makes Domino's differ than Pizza Hut is the concept of the franchise itself...Domino's is more on delivery pizza which is why there are free of charge for delivery while Pizza Hut is more on dine in which is more on the service...if you when to both of the franchise then you might see that if dine in Pizza Hut..they will provide you with ceramic plate while in Domino's they provide us with paper plate..and Pizza Hut will charges us if we make delivery pizza...for domino's even if we order delivery for one pizza they will deliver it with no for those who did not try out Domino's worth it!!



Meatasaurus and twisty bread

Chocolate lava cake

Friday, November 25, 2011


Its been a week now im in production line at cooking first always and always bare in mind that you have to wear lab coat, hair net, boot and is the most essential thing that need to like always they making coconut milk and fried vegetable paste for today...when i say coconut milk means 9 to 12 production of coconut milk per is madness!!!even in my mind at very second i breath i always think of coconut milk...hahaha BTW did you know that coconut milk have lots of advantages...people nowadays like to use chemical product compare to natural ingredient product...

Here are some beauty tips using coconut milk...first of all coconut milk does do good thing to your makes your hair moisturize, darken and thicken the old days, our late ancestors use this kind of thing instead of going to spa which cost you like few hundreds but actually you can do it at home...coconut milk also can be use as scrubs or milk bath to whiten, soft and fluffy skin for body...coconut milk from the origin contain its own oil and salt which is why in every food production of coconut milk there are no salt been added because its already contain small amount of salt in it..

coconut milk, flesh and flake

coconut milk scrubs

Thursday, November 24, 2011

Walking to the end of breath

Yesterday me and Nurul end up going to Giant supermarket and buy chicken, mix seafood, tandoori paste, sausages and some veggies...its been a while since last time i when to Giant...usually i buy grocery near our house...but the price is affordable for certain item such as poultry, seafood, veggies and etc. but if you want to buy anything in pouches, canned, or bottles it is best to buy in supermarket...the price is way much cheaper than grocery shop...example like instant noodle Maggi if buy in supermarket it will only cost you 3 dollar something but if in grocery shop it will cost you 4.70 dollar...imagine the differences..the price is not acceptable if there is nearby supermarket..but i think i would consider the price if i may stay in some place that is very far from any supermarket like it takes about an hour or so to the from my house to supermarket, it only take about 10 minutes by car or motorbike..while walking and done some window shopping, i took some pictures...sorry camera biasa je...but i did take good view of potatoes and cactus...i love colourful cactus!! it does make pictures merrier..

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Snowy wednesday

Sorry guys for not update anything yesterday...i have fever and i got MC for today im back to work in production line...and FYI i lives in a country in Asian so basically no snow here accept man-made snow in cold room..but that do costly..anyway back to the snow this week im suppose to be in cooking area...and today productions are majorly coconut milk...and yes im talking about snowy coconut flake...the wastage from coconut milk-making...although the wastage is only about less than 8%...the wastage exist due to filtration after homogenize the coconut milk that take about 40 minutes to 1 hour...all the wastage must be weight in order to know how many percent does the wastage present..talking about snowy coconut flake remind me of snow in Alkmaar, Amsterdam years ago...when i was 16 years old..but that time i missed few days as on the day that i put my footstep in Schipol Airport the snow almost gone..the ice in winter already going on meting phase...too bad i didnt watch the snow flake fell down...maybe next time i should earn myself money and when to Alps Mount so then i would always see snow everyday.....macam ni kene kawen anak Dato lah..hehehe oppsss marah nanti just joking....

melting snow

So anyway the snow im talking about is snowy of coconut flake..maybe coconut flake or coconut milk are not quite popular among European or American...but in Asia especially Malaysia it is one of the thing that must-have in the shopping list...mostly Malays use coconut milk to make all sort of curries, sticky rice eat with spicy sauce, nasi lemak and assorted of kuih....but in Thailand, they most common dishes with coconut milk is sticky rice with mango...not typically mango that can be found in supermarket..but this type of mangoes only harvest in Thailand which so they called Thong-dam which means black gold...not all people know that this fruit exist because usually in Malaysia perspective that mango in green colour means unripe but certain exotic fruit especially from Thailand and most countries in the north of Malaysia have fruit supply from Thai because it is more this mango usually look like unripe but the flesh inside is yellowish-orange in colour which taste sweet...

Back to the story of snowy coconut flake..usually people use the flake in making cake decorations, cupcake decoration, anything that have to do with bake...i have this idea of new dishes by grill banana with the skin and peel it off and dip in coconut flake...i never try it before..but i did try grill banana...and it sure taste good with the sweet of banana with the nutty taste of coconut...

sticky rice with mango and coconut milk

Thong-dam mango (Black golden mango)
Snow flake from filtrate coconut milk

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