Friday, November 25, 2011


Its been a week now im in production line at cooking first always and always bare in mind that you have to wear lab coat, hair net, boot and is the most essential thing that need to like always they making coconut milk and fried vegetable paste for today...when i say coconut milk means 9 to 12 production of coconut milk per is madness!!!even in my mind at very second i breath i always think of coconut milk...hahaha BTW did you know that coconut milk have lots of advantages...people nowadays like to use chemical product compare to natural ingredient product...

Here are some beauty tips using coconut milk...first of all coconut milk does do good thing to your makes your hair moisturize, darken and thicken the old days, our late ancestors use this kind of thing instead of going to spa which cost you like few hundreds but actually you can do it at home...coconut milk also can be use as scrubs or milk bath to whiten, soft and fluffy skin for body...coconut milk from the origin contain its own oil and salt which is why in every food production of coconut milk there are no salt been added because its already contain small amount of salt in it..

coconut milk, flesh and flake

coconut milk scrubs

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