Saturday, November 17, 2012

French much?

Hi guys!! this post i would like to talk about this patisseries which if you guys tried even eventually craving to come back...seriously..whats more to say when marvelous patisseries La Chocolatine is near to my just awesome! so the owner of the shop is a French Pastry Chef and his Malay business partner so the end up opening La Chocolatine Patisserie, Salon de Bistrot..FYI the french owner do have cute ass though...oppss hehehe The ambiance of the place was like if you were in France..hehehe is just my tante treat high-tea for not sure what does it called but the texture was like chocolate mousse with three different layers but it also looks like a cake....okay now im confuse! what the what am i eating?! but i remember green tea and she ordered latte..and there was one time my dad bought a really nice patisseries and also croissant since that was my mum favourite..

Friday, November 16, 2012

Sky does fall?

So i know its kinda late to do review on Skyfall but its worth to watch..its a continue movie of the last 007..and i love Adele song as the theme song of this movie from the beginning of the story..its the story of Bond in a mission to Moscow and all of the sudden as me and Mr.T thought Bond accidentally been shot by   his mission partner and he's MIA..when MI6 are under attack by some bad guy or can i called i bad gay..hahaha as i thought Bond was dead then i realize its only the beginning of the its impossible that Bond is dead that it he came back, fight with the bad gay as they hide at his old house, Skyfall..they fight and bla bla bla...happy ending..

Rate: 9/10
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