Thursday, December 1, 2011

Tuna for a day

Sorry guys... i've been busy lately since im in Filling area in production line...and its time to make tuna mayo....i did took some pictures on how tuna mayo is made...and it is as easy as abc but if it stick in your clothes i definitely suggest wash it quickly or otherwise you end up with fishy smell....well just lets say i have experience on that and i hate it!! im sure most of people love mayonnaise...and for sure i love it too..i would say that every food which is tasty definitely high in fat and calories....and it does make us feel addicted with the taste...yummy and after few months of daily consumption of that super tasty definitely gain weight after that and yes my mum would freak out and ask me to exercise more so i could loose back weight....haha

Back to the story of mayo definitely sure that everyone here love to put lots of mayo in your plate its either for dipping or making sandwiches without thinking of what did they really put inside it so that it will become mayo...but since im in the production line....once you see mayo in such a big make me feels like this is how i get love-handle....hahaha i did not notice it since i love to put so much mayo in my sandwiches that i made and FYI i made my own tower sandwiches i put 3 to 4 of slices toast bread and i have to press it down little bit so that i will fit in my can you guys imagine how big is my sandwiches...and now after of massive amount of mayo that i saw..i realize that it is time to cut down the let us all cut down the mayo!!

Massive mayonaise

Tuna flake and mayo in mixing kettle

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