Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Snowy wednesday

Sorry guys for not update anything yesterday...i have fever and i got MC for today im back to work in production line...and FYI i lives in a country in Asian so basically no snow here accept man-made snow in cold room..but that do costly..anyway back to the snow this week im suppose to be in cooking area...and today productions are majorly coconut milk...and yes im talking about snowy coconut flake...the wastage from coconut milk-making...although the wastage is only about less than 8%...the wastage exist due to filtration after homogenize the coconut milk that take about 40 minutes to 1 hour...all the wastage must be weight in order to know how many percent does the wastage present..talking about snowy coconut flake remind me of snow in Alkmaar, Amsterdam years ago...when i was 16 years old..but that time i missed few days as on the day that i put my footstep in Schipol Airport the snow almost gone..the ice in winter already going on meting phase...too bad i didnt watch the snow flake fell down...maybe next time i should earn myself money and when to Alps Mount so then i would always see snow everyday.....macam ni kene kawen anak Dato lah..hehehe oppsss marah nanti just joking....

melting snow

So anyway the snow im talking about is snowy of coconut flake..maybe coconut flake or coconut milk are not quite popular among European or American...but in Asia especially Malaysia it is one of the thing that must-have in the shopping list...mostly Malays use coconut milk to make all sort of curries, sticky rice eat with spicy sauce, nasi lemak and assorted of kuih....but in Thailand, they most common dishes with coconut milk is sticky rice with mango...not typically mango that can be found in supermarket..but this type of mangoes only harvest in Thailand which so they called Thong-dam which means black gold...not all people know that this fruit exist because usually in Malaysia perspective that mango in green colour means unripe but certain exotic fruit especially from Thailand and most countries in the north of Malaysia have fruit supply from Thai because it is more this mango usually look like unripe but the flesh inside is yellowish-orange in colour which taste sweet...

Back to the story of snowy coconut flake..usually people use the flake in making cake decorations, cupcake decoration, anything that have to do with bake...i have this idea of new dishes by grill banana with the skin and peel it off and dip in coconut flake...i never try it before..but i did try grill banana...and it sure taste good with the sweet of banana with the nutty taste of coconut...

sticky rice with mango and coconut milk

Thong-dam mango (Black golden mango)
Snow flake from filtrate coconut milk

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