Monday, November 28, 2011


I know its been a while since i last updated...i been busy this weekend..u know it 3 days off and im going to my auntie's house which end of this month she going to move to Sabah i when there and help her out painting rooms and well now i know that im not the most talented in painting walls...oppss my bad!! but after all i did paint yesterday she bought me and the teachers from her kids nursery to Domino's Pizza at Pandan Indah....the franchise just open up in Pandan Indah so no need to go all the way to Ampang Point....too crowded make me stress...unless it is about sales and 70 percent discount then im on...hehehe so the they before we did online order on the pizza and dine in at 11 am the next day..yes!! they do have online order and that just save much of your time instead of going to wait for the pizza to bake...and they give you good discount if you online order...

We end up choosing 1 large pizza thin crust with 4 regular pizza which 2 thin crust 2 new york crust...what so amazing about domino's it that it have variety of crust such as Classic Hand Tossed crust like the one in Pizza Hut, New York crust, Thin crust and Double Decker crust with cheese in the middle..if you are the kind of  cheese-lover like i would definitely recommend to order Classified Chicken in Double Decker crust and and extra cheese topping...after you had one bite of that you wont remember anything about going back to Pizza Hut me...i've done it...the cheese make you want to eat that pizza more..Domino's pizza have have 3 top signature sauce for base which is Domino's signature sauce which is from fresh vine-ripe tomatoes, top secret sauce and spicy sambal sauce...there are also new sauce in Domino's which in Pizza First Class range, barbecue and the other one im not so sure what it is...we order Meatasaurus, Aloha Chicken, Classified Chicken and also Extravaganza with side order twisty bread, roasted chicken drummet, and chocolate lava cake...however i would also recommend banana kaya dessert...

FYI Domino's pizza been establish first compare to Pizza is establish in US and second-largest pizza chain in US...and the franchise start to expand until it came to Malaysia...but some might guess that Domino's is new franchise than Pizza Hut...what makes Domino's differ than Pizza Hut is the concept of the franchise itself...Domino's is more on delivery pizza which is why there are free of charge for delivery while Pizza Hut is more on dine in which is more on the service...if you when to both of the franchise then you might see that if dine in Pizza Hut..they will provide you with ceramic plate while in Domino's they provide us with paper plate..and Pizza Hut will charges us if we make delivery pizza...for domino's even if we order delivery for one pizza they will deliver it with no for those who did not try out Domino's worth it!!



Meatasaurus and twisty bread

Chocolate lava cake

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