Monday, December 12, 2011

Waffle for breakfast

 It's been a week since i last updated my blog...i've been busy lately with practical training this week in warehouse...there are lots of cartons to pack...last week there are clients requested 1000 cartons of coconut much just happen during last week....and i could remember last time i when to my aunty's house before she moves to Sabah...she bought a dozen of variety gardenia waffle...i've tried fresh egg vanilla, blueberry, banana, maple wholemeal and a bite of classic dont really like the taste of cinnamon unless it is on my face as a on its own does not look tempting but if it toasted..the smell of the waffle linger around the house...and i tried it with butter on aunty's said that she tried once eat waffle with ice-cream...and it was marvelous especially using fresh egg vanilla with vanilla ice-cream...well my niece loves to eat waffle with strawberry jam...doesnt matter what flavour is the waffle...last time because fresh egg vanilla already finish...i ate most of i gave her banana waffle with strawberry jam on top...hehe i have no idea how does it taste....but my nephew kinda weird a little bit...he loves to eat waffle with mayonnaise on does look tasty if the mayo is spread on maple wholemeal and fresh egg vanilla but imagine if it is spread on blueberry or banana or classic cinnamon....never try that before...and my aunty loves to spread kaya either kaya or pandan kaya on her waffles...she did asked me to make her waffle maple wholemeal with kaya...and it taste lovely...

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