Wednesday, August 31, 2011

second day of raya

Waking up late on second day of raya...dah 1st day bukan main lg sakan beraya kn....
so not so late i wake up as my cousin Sophie and my aunty likes to interfere my sleeping time at 7 in the morning!!! i mean everyday....
so i woke up around 6.30 am...with my sleppyhead i rush to the garden to pluck some herbs to make fried rice for breakfast..actually its for kak ris..she going back already tthat morning as her flight at 8.45 am...
so i dont think much..i just straight away when to our herbs garden and pluck lemongrass, tumeric leaves, kaffir lime leaves and supposely with ginger flower but it doesnt grow with the mosquitos biting my feet and with my sleppyhead i rush to kitchen and make fried rice...huhuhu demi kak ris saya yg sorg...hahahaha
sebab lepas tu dye bagi duit raya... so not so big deal after all...sibuk2 masak and after sending her to airport...i when back in hoping that i can sleep later but then my aunty invited me to have lunch at temple tree bon ton with her friends aunty mei mei and her family with 2 i know why she invited me as well...nanny for a day...ptotla penat semcm je ble balik..hehehe

cat strecthing

bebudak ni kacau kucing tido hehe

helping sophie to wash her hand
after playing with the cats

beraya di kampong!!!
nope one of the villa at bon ton hahaha

the cat getting annoyed with sophie haha

Its just that its to early to grab lunch..hahahaha 11 am is to early??hahaha yes guys..its too early for i called itt brunch because after that i when to uncle malik's house for lunch...padahal lepas jln kejap pusing bon ton trus pergi rumah uncle malik...dont blame me..salahkan perot tong dram saya ye...hihihi

so gathered with my tante's family there..macam xpenah jumpa je...padahal dorg stay at my house and my studio...huhuhu so i have to stay at VIP's house....sedeyh...i want my studio..
so ding dong ding dong borak2 about tante being accuse at police road block and she cried and the police panic and release her..and we all laugh!!!

so after that we when to Kuah Jetty to send mathijs, he when back to penang by ferry...
in the car with sunshine sophie and she slept on my lap..awww so sweet...berat nk mampus kepala budak ni...
luckily she clever..she only 2 and a half..and talks a lot..when i say a lot means twice as i talk....

on the way to uncle malik's house
sunshine sleeping on my lap

do i looks like a god mom...
ini bukan anak saya!!!owh tidakkk!!!!

so that all about my second day of raya...this year i dont really pegi beraya umah org sangat..not so excited sgt sbb dh besar kowt....whats gonna happen next year eid fitr..hopefully my family did planing to celebrating in Jakarta next year...cross-fingers

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

littlest things i do

i may not be talented but i like to take pictures....
huhu jangan bangga sgt tgk2 gamba ciput je..hahahahaha
btw i love travelling and taking pictures depends on what camera i bring..
kalo lupe bawak tu diam2 je la ye..hahahaha

i been travelling alot before but since im in the relationship i started to become slow and steady because mr.Tembikai doesnt like travelling so much....apa pown tak boleh.....huhuhuhu
maybe my dad likes to travel and bring me along with him...nampak sgt anak abah..  hehehehehehehe

so far not so much places i have been to...singapore-thailand-amsterdam-london-paris-phuket-koh lipe
since koh lipe is about an hour  from langkawi by speed boat so it gonna be my another holiday spots to relax...

Sunday, August 28, 2011

love story of angel and josh part 1

based on true story of my cousin which i just called my niece sbb teringin nk ada anak sedare tp xde...
apa pown tak boley...huhuhuhu

its happen few days ago when tante waiting to pick-up guests..
what happen was while waiting for the guests to arrived at airport..there was this australian-family next to them..and the family have a young boy aged about 5 years-old something like that..and angle a.k.a aira a.k.a attaya so what-she-called-herself-if-we-ask-what-is-your-name is aged 2 years-old...

so at first they just looking at each other and after few minutes they start talking and almost all the talk bee done by angel...and josh kinda a good listener...what makes it funnier is that what can u expect the 2 year-old to talk...even tante cant even understand what are they talking about..hahaha

they first start to talk while moving abit by bit to the other side..and as my tante noticed it..she drag her back next to her..and they still chating...

to be cont.............................................

Saturday, August 27, 2011


there are things we didnt expect happen in our lives somehow did happen consciously and unconsciously with/without our attention of noticing sorry cause i made this kind of mistake..i dont really notice what i did till its happen so forgive me for my Mr.Tembikai told me yesterday..not so yesterday..
"nobody in this world is perfect"
let by gone be by gone..i dont hate you really..but you are not the kind of friends that i wanna be friends with it not like im too demand in making open..i dont judge people but being friend with you gonna fall out my other words you are not good enough to be my friend not even clique..

dot put out your poker face to make people fall for you cause u may tried to sweet talk to make me fall for you..the truth is im not gonna fall for you as im already know your tactics or command and conquer..
dh mcm bunyi game dh pown....hahahaha your journey with me is over..i know people might guessing about whom am i taking about..its not Mr.tembikai of course..he's my best friend and my lover..nothing can change that..and guys dont think too much about who he/she is...i cant tell much..but if you are closed enough with me and you might know whom im talking about...hahahaha

i thought we are friends and friends talked about who we really are..and the story that you make..did make me feel pitiful for you as i thought you are the really victim here but in the end the real you did come out after all..i dont mind making friends with you but i know one day you will take advantage of who i really begging god sake please not telling you that because i telling you because i care..but wait..we are no longer friend so what do i care right....hahahahahaha i care about other people that gonna be your victims..

don't be angry with what i say to you because you know what the things is don't be mad with my decision saying im kinda *** or something cause i know u'll do better than that...hahahaha when thinking about it back..i don't even know why im totally agree with you anyway..u seem nice to me but in your heart you are not that nice after all..even your friends dont like you so what can you expect from me..hahaha

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

awesome holiday

Its gonna be the best eid ul-fitr ever!!!
although i may not meet all my relatives but i can guarantee that it going to be awesome..
my dad just call 2 hours ago..telling me that my auntie she looks like a sister to me gonna be celebrating eid fitr in malaysia this year plus my tante family gonna be around...plus2 angel and sunshine!!
eventhough i just celebrating eid fitr without all my still awesome..but with my cousins..
it double the awesome...
auntie marissa but that word doesnt exist in my family..hahahaha
i just call her kak ris..
although there are older than me..but they did look young...
ehem2 dh puji ni bley kowt dpt duit raya banyak skit..hehehehe

kak ris 

tante and my uncle with her siblings

well fun does happen more than twice a year...
i just need another 5 days to celebrate my second-time-this-semester-going-back-home...
yes...i dont actually going back home that often..
its not like i dont like it at home...i just feel the need of feel freedom
like i was joking with my mom....
sebab mama suka bebel kowt tu yang noni jarang balik..hehehehe
one of a must thing when celebrating eid fitr in Langkawi...
visiting my  friends hopefully i can arrange to go to fish spa a day before eid fitr..
i definately going hang out at night at Chenang beach when they came...
either while shop around there or going to the cafe near by or maybe the walk by the beach while listening to the jamming and finished up my donuts or ice-cream..maybe...i'll update later on eid fitr...

sophie aka sunshine

aira aka angel eating her favourite banana muffin 

Monday, August 22, 2011

behind the mask

i've been sick for few days first i had fever for couple of days..time2 puasa ni la nk demam..
at this time jugak la banyak kerja yang nak kena siapkan...
so far i can still cope with the assignments and also during this time our final project failed!!!
huhuhuhuhu nak nangis..sob sob uhuk
just like in meet the robinson movie..
Keep moving forward
cerita tu dalam macam berzaman dah but still its inspire me...
last friday dah jadi dh product...just need to alter the taste abit...
however, today we try to adjust the formulation make it taste sweeter and chocolatier taste
  (dh macam iklan koko krunch dh pown)
need to find other alternatives as the dough start to rise in steamer...
its flatten..huhuhu dimanakah salah ku wahai dough!!!

this is me in lab 

time ni jugak la batuk xhenti2..its kinda heavy coughing...penatnyeeee
actually the coughing started..bila hani terdesak..either talking too much or while drinking water..
how am i going to concentrate on my study nih...
macam kalo xsakit ni nak je study kn..hehehehe
its kinda weird to wear face mask with lab coat and hair net!!!!
the guy in registeration counter at Unit Kesihatan did warning me to wear the mask..
its not like i dont like to wear the mask but doesn't it look obvious that im sick...
which explain why people try to avoid me..yeke..macam tak je.
apart from being sick, this why i wear the face mask to keep food from become contaminated.

guess my face expression

however, it does bring the sweetness in me..through my eyes..
hahahahaha perasannye minah ni

the moral of the story:  jangan banyak cakap tapi banyak taip takpe...hehehe 

Saturday, August 20, 2011

f-p-d (failure product doses)????

lately im busy focusing on grouping project for final..
dh name pown final project ape bley buat la kn...
BTW product launching is gonna be huge and grand!!!
alamak malunye kalo product xjadi..opss my bad...

FYI our product name chocolate banana Chempereal..
cereal gluten free made from chempedak seeds flour..

setelah berminggu2 mencari solution nk bg jadik mcm koko kruch xpown milo cereal or rice krispies..
finally...bru jadi texture mcm tu...huhuhu
thanks to my team member ecah ngan nad..
kalo xsampai skrg ntah product tu baling kt dinding pown xpecah...dasyat gilerr...

cume now kena upgrade the taste so that setanding mcm koko kruch or better than koko krunch..
hahahaha *mad evil laugh
dh macam super villain dh pown..

everyday during free time we always there at lab food processing...
mcm2 procedure kena far things going well...
sometimes we forgot to sign out...time tu pulak la boboy bising2 kate mangsa mati dlm makmal la ape la...sbb xsign out dlm buku tu...hahahaha

maybe u guys dont know who is my group members...
they are the most awesome members i ever have..
oppss maaf ye ellie gamba anda tiade..xpe2 nanti ye..saba2...hehehe

penat crush chempedak seeds sambil berdiri..

this is the story of my fpd life...
it just the silly way to say about my work in my final project..
thank god this is grouping project..if not...dah kebumi dah..xcukup tangan nk buat...


Wednesday, August 17, 2011

i love tembikai

Mesti u guys heran kan why my post is about watermelon or tembikai...
basically its not about the watermelon it-self..but about a guy who carried my heart away...awwww so sweet....his name mohamad faris bin ishak..
dh macam nk buat documentary dah ni...

credit to eva *wink2

hopefully u dont get upset if i call u watermelon...hehehehehe
is it true that girls like to call guys in fruits or veggie name...
i'll prove it to you guys...hahahahahahaa
 my watermelon!!!!

we been together for about more than 2 years now....
i loikeee!!! there been fighting and arguing during that time...
but we still together...
When sparks fly between two people, we're quick to say they have "chemistry."
kata org biar tunjuk belang awal2 dari dah kawen la ape la baru nampak belang sebenar..
the best words i ever heard from his mouth is...

" i accept you just the way you are...doesn't matter who you are..."

biarlah ape org nk kate but the truth is i truly feel that i already found myself my Mr. Perfect..
i dont expect much..i dont give much..i dont get much but im happy enough!!!

the 1st time i met him i thought mamat cino mane la ni belajar dekat kt U ni...
bile pikir2 balik...UiTM kn untuk melayu ngan bumiputra...*bangang ke tak bangang aku ni
at that time both of us are so skinny...hahahahaha
i mean super skinny...
mesti orang xcaya..that years ago im skinny..
now..dah berisi dh masing and gain weight 10!!!
his friends said that i just spoil him so much until he became watermelon-ly..hahahahaha
you just look much more adorable now dear...dah la muke jambu..
kena simpan dalam bilik kebal takot nanti jadi pojaaan hati nyah2 sekalian alam..hehehehehehe
he now taking course civil engineering in Jengka...
ala xjauh pown...2-3 jam sampai la tuh..
hopefully during degree we are in same campus....aminnnn..

although we are totally different from each other bagai langit dengan bumi...
but one things that makes the differences blurred is that we both are
cakap je movie apa yang ktorg xtengok...
opss lupe pulak pirates of carribean: on stranger tides xtengok lg...
sbb time nk tengok tu baru je keluar X-Men: first class...

p/s: tak payah nak sweet2 sangat la kan...hihihihihi

Sunday, August 14, 2011

totally rubbish

post kali ni memang pasal orang yang menyampahkn hani and dibalas dengan sampah...
its gonna be the longer post i ever put in this blog....
seriously..u message me in the morning and invite me to ur meeting that interfere with my beauty sleep... hello
and u treat me like super your senior..although im younger 1 or 2 years that u that doesn't mean u can make shit of me and my sorry to say but the way u done it make u looks more immature than me..

threat people just the way there call me to go to your meeting to discuss about your bullshit plan...even my cousin (aged 3) can do much better than u..when he said did you do this by force...u use your Islamic words 'dh orang bg amanah..tak buat kang berdosa' so if you do your amanah without you think it still can consider as reward??.sorry to say..i may be free hair..even you do shit to my friends...i will put my effort with professional...where is your humanity...belajar sampai 4 flat tapi perangai macam harem..baik tak yah belajar..

even if you have 4 flat but you always condemn other people just because they are not that smart like are not that only smart on paper...not in real life...some may not be as clever as you but they have effort and spirit to study..that more important..even in says that there are no limit of can still learn at all nice to people...what the point if you only care about relation with god..but you dont care about relation among human being..just because you so smart..why at your age you still in diploma..not in degree..can you see..your are so pathetic..even god already taken some of your grace in this world..god give you cock-eye and dim but still you dont realize it and make shit of other are meaner than mean girl and that's the truth..if you are so perfect, why dont you become best student..and dont make face with make me feel disgusting and somehow i feel like punching you in the face and poke your cock-eye..

one more think that retro (60's) is lame and old-fashion...but you know fashion in the first place? its not the fashion itself that you..even my friend that is more religious than you know about what is the meaning of said that it is lame..means that you are much more lame that the fashion itself...even nowadays people back with 60's style...skinny..bright colour..big and super massive sunglasses...wait a minute...i dont even think that you know a shit about this fashion thing...i may not be fashionista but at least i know about fashion..

wondergirls retro style

super hot orange

you are messing with the wrong girl and the wrong people..

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

celoteh di bulan Ramadhan

oh punyela excited pegi bazaar td...
yela bukan slalu boley pegi awal disebabakn oleh kls tbe2 pulak smp pkul 5ptg..huhu
traffic dilaporkan sesak di bazaar ramadhan boting ni pada pkul 5.23ptg...manakala dihujung bazaar mengarah ke SP-4 dilaporkan berjalan in dibawakan oleh bloomberg..hahahahahaha
dh mcm info traffic dkt dlm dh...

amatlah sakit ati ble last minute cancel ceramah mende tah...
penat taw bersiap2 ni..dh panggil make-up artist dh pown...apakah??
menipu gle nk g klas pown nk bermake-up artist..please lah!!!
ingat ni Lim Kok Wing ke ape....opss xde kene mengenna yg idop ataupown yg dh mati...
bukan kisah sebenar ye...

dh punye tak tahan godaan dkt bazaar tu...
skali terlebih spend la pulak...punye rambang mate tgk lauk2..
mcm2 beli...nasi campur nk 3-4 jenis je...
roti jala lg...air limau asam boi.. ni pown dh cut down dh...hahahaha
ble nk berjimat ni kalo mcm ni la membelinye...
ni baru bazaar ramadhan boting bukan bazaar ramadhan pilah...
comfirm borong sakan dh tu tak abeh pown lauk beli...

membazir je...isy3 ape nk jadi la kn...
tu la manusia skrg ni...time bulan puase je bukan main beli xcukup tgn untuk berbuke...
padahal makan nye ciput je...siput pown mkn byk lg taw..
ni xmasuk cte org yg jenis sumbat ape je tolak kayu and batu ni...
bile dh abeh mkn tu..perut nye mengalahkan pompuan mengandung dh...oppsss!!

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

under construction

im trying my best to decorate my blog..
although im still beginner..kate org baru nk berjinak gitu..
still it worth to try kn...however, my blog is still under construction..
dh macam nk buat rumah..hahahaha

dh mcm2 tutorial dh tgk..hopefully sempat siap dlm mse terdekat ye...
huhuhu bile nk siap nih...saba ye..akan disiapkan dengan kadar segera ye...

Monday, August 8, 2011


why this happen to me...
waiting for you to come back my roomate..

the truth is....
i miss my roomate..bru 5 hari xde dh  meraung2..apakah??
my roomate xde balik umah mak dye sakit..
so nmpk gaye nye bukak puase sorg2 la nmenye...
syahdu tanpa roomate ku syg....
~sambil lagu syahdu di pagi raya berkumandang~

*pergh drama gle minah sorg ni

1st timer blog-aholic the end sempat jgak buat blog..
hye name is nur-hani suryati...
jangan lupe ye my name ade dash between nur and hani..
people always spell-it-wrong...huhu
im from langkawi kedah....ala2 pantai gitu..
im the only child..bosan gle!!!!
my mum ni xreti2 nk beranak lg ke..bru happening skit kn...hehehehe
thats all about me..
hope you enjoy reading my story..

seriously my family is not that big..coz i dont have sisters and brothers...
so here it goes...great!! now i notice that my mum doesn't really like taken picture...
oppsss my bad!!

Me baru bangun tido

 uncle mathijs and my dad

OMG can see the difference of me in that two getting fatter...

my dad with sophie (lil cousin)

me and my dad adventure to koh lipe



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