Monday, December 12, 2011

Under the tree

Yesterday after work, we walk back and stop by at grocery front of it there is a stall sell fruits and also rojak...i have no idea what got into me that i kept picturing rojak in my i asked Nurul to follow me the time i went to the stall, there was only 2 rojak left...and i order one..maybe it look mouth-watery the way the guy make the rojak...she bought one also...and i keep laughing because when i bought rojak, she not usually the type of buying rojak every time i buy...and this was the first time she buy rojak...and it taste amazing...

I love the taste of the gravy that they mixed with the fruits; mango, starfruit, guava, sengkuang, cucumber and pineapple...some if you buy in chinese stalls they put crispy cucur in it...and the taste does blend in...on top of it they sprinkle lots of crush peanuts...the sweetness, spiciness and the sournes of the fruit blend well today and make me want for more rojak....we bought it on the way back home and by the time almost to our house...i've been thinking that it was a lovely evening...why dont enjoy the moment still we can..and we sat under the tree near kinder-garden..altough it does not look romantic as behind that we sat a bit far away from it is drain...but thank god there is no smell coming from the drain...

credit to Nurul

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