Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Major switch up

Today i'm not going to post about foodies...instead i'm going to post about perfume...since the past 5 years i have been wearing lots of perfume and still explore on the perfume that suits me...if possible i would dream of having different kind of perfume depends on mood...imagine if you are in romantic mood, people will smell sweet garden smell...if i am angry at that time, people will smell chillies pepper smell...hahahahaha 

The first perfume that i fell in love at first smell..not first sight okay!! and i would never compared other perfume to it is White Musk, The Body Shop...so far i just bought perfume in The Body Shop...maybe one day when i start working i'm going to explore other brand perfume..White Musk, The Body Shop did make a woman feel sophisticated yet refreshing and feel lady-like with the smell of the musk...and i did tried the limited edition of White Musk Hot Summer..and it was fantastic...after that i tried wearing Cassis Rose...since that time i'm so obsess with flowery smell..but i definitely not preferable Neroli Jasmine..but it is my aunt's favourite...since last year i have been wearing sugary perfume Love Etc...as i really love the smell so much...so few days ago i bought Vanila Eu De Toilette not perfume oil...i love spray one not oil...and it was lovely...i feel like i am going to eat ice-cream everyday..but that kid of perfume its a little bit limited since people love to buy it and always run out of stocks...well luckily for me i find my spot that it will always did not run out of stock...

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