Monday, December 19, 2011

Almost 2 months

After all the hustle and experience i did want to say nothing seem to be the best experience than practical training....not just me but all of us that still in practical training...there are some experience that is priceless...not everything money can buy..last week i don't have much thing been done just hanging around in my house done some chores and relax all day long...that is just what i need for most....but last week me and Nurul when to walking around Senawang just to release stress from work..since last week and week before we were placed in can imagine the work done there....

True or false....i did make Nurul buy lipstick instead of just wearing typical coloured lip balm...some might said that lip balm is more important than lipstick but somehow lip balm is best if it just focus on repairing the lips and protect my tips are buy a good lip balm and wear lipstick instead..for the first time she going to buy her own lipstick....and yes it time to change...we are not kids anymore...only kids who like funky flavour lip advice to those just started with a natural colour...when i said natural doesn't mean nude don't want to end up look soulless face...spooky huh....hahaha when people say about make-up some might give really bad impression ....make-up doesn't means that you need to wear really heavy foundation base and look like going to costume party with all the sparkling colours...i might get freak out!! it just to enhance our complexion...that just it and oh i hide all the unwanted pimples...

So start from today guys!! its time to move on and does make a difference..just apply light foundation base, wear lip balm and on top of it wear natural lipstick...that's already enough...if want to look more just apply blusher to make rosy cheek and light dont have to wear eyelashes extension and thick mascara with rainbow eye-shadow....just save it for Halloween party or occasional functions..

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