Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Trip to Medan Day 4

Nothing much on Day 4 since the whole morning me and my parents packing our luggage after breakfast...
In Day 3 as we all know Uncle Nik and Guntur went back to Malaysia that night..without them the journey was not that exciting..true story!hehehe

Around noon me and my parents went out for light lunch at Sun Plaza and walked around the mall..the mall only 10 minutes from our hotel so its not that far and i saw this bag and it was awesome but then after second thought i decided not to buy it but instead my mum bought a bag well apparently they want to buy it for me..that time my heart was at that other bag..at last my dad bought that bag for my mum...so in another word ' mu mum bought new bag'..hahaha

While waited for shuttle coach to send us to airport..usually every hotel have their own shuttle to send their guest to airport for free! but you have to inform bell boy counter a day before in advanced..and just leaved the luggage at the counter, only bring the important stuff..oh FYI my mum finally bought new album Wali Band..she's kinda fanatic with this band and kept singing on and on everyday..
Thats all about my trip to Medan guys...

Me and my mum

That is our shuttle to airport, looks like van/MPV 

My mum request to play Wali Band songs

Bon voyage Medan

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