Monday, January 30, 2012


Idk why but this week is the week of flu and cough even me and Nurul got fever plus flu plus cough although we were both at our just curious how does it transfer to me and yesterday i when to Tutti Frutti.....yes i know im still coughing and even my voice start turn really bad but i was really like to taste any froyo...hurmmmm this time i tried flavour red velvet on top of raspberry flavour with baby pop strawberry, chocolate chip and marshmallow and just so tempting....and after that scoop of froyo im sure my fever gone just like that..hahaha but my flu become worst...well at least i like the froyo...

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Amateur is fun

This morning i wake up early and set myself to island hopping...usually when i talk about island hopping in Langkawi my dad's favourite spot is Beras Basah Island, Eagle feeding, Maiden lake FYI  too much walking up an down the stairs which i really hate it and private beach which my dad found himself..i don't know about the legend behind the beach that my dad discover but what that i know is that sometimes fishermen will stop there for a while when they bought their families with them to go fishing because it have this beautiful fresh water waterfall and the water goes to the sea...and there was this one time where i bought some of the fresh water back and boil it and drink it with tea without sugar just plain tea and it taste amazing..

My dad told me that we are going fishing amateur style which is without fishing rod just a string and bait usually if you want to catch fishes it depends on the fish itself...the technique may vary and so the baits depends on what that you favour to caught...usually they will use squid and sometimes the caught fresh squids the night before and the next day use it as bait to caught fish....because when you are trying to caught squids it is better to caught at night with lights on...FYI squids easily attracted to lights and it will follow the fishing it is important to be my dad said fishing is just the same like have to wait until the right time to catch the fish..well not me then...i can wait like for half an hour or an hour the most...more than that if i didn't get any fish at all i do feel pissed....well it obvious that fishing is not my thing...hahaha

kecik sgt so im throwing it back into the sea

kind of same species with kerapu

that one is ikan kerisi & he caught the most 

operation in saving the small fish

idk what name is it but its shiny

i caught one coincidentally

Burn to crisp

Sunday, January 22, 2012

What a day

Hye guys....FYI i did missed my flight to Langkawi due to a very very long queue at commuter station...and i was about to cry and i taught that maybe i could use my touch n go card and since i didn't use the card at all and reload it then i just realize that balance in the card is only 80 cent...and i burst into tears while i walk around to find touch n go re-loader takes me half an hour to find it and reload it and when back to the station....and since i walk so much my feet feels hurt and then i saw that the commuter already arrive an i run as quick as i can up an down the stairs with that heavy luggage of mine till im out of breath and i missed the train!! i was so upset and i cried so loud that i forgot people that watching me crying at that time...

So plan B is that i when for CNY at my auntie house in Bangi...after thinking for a while there then i decide to take the risk by taking bus yesterday...and i make it!! thank god!! when i arrive in Langkawi i just take a really quiet and long nap...later that evening my dad called me up...and he told me that we are going out for dinner at The Loaf...its about 45 minutes from my house..

When we arrive there, i was looking with my dad the pastries and cute little bun...i ordered shrimp and avocado salad while my mum and my dad ordered big county farmhouse, its omelette with sausage, mushrooms, chicken bacon, tomato,thyme, leek and fresh crispy green salad and also some kind of seaweeds and slow roasted chicken breast which i tried and love it! so for drinks i ordered complexion which is combination of apple, carrot and tomato juice freshly squeeze and waterfall which i forgot what it is but it is about the same with complexion but they put some ginger in it..

Shrimp and avocado salad

p/s: next time i need to take photos as quickly as i can before i forgot and start eating...haha

Friday, January 13, 2012

My tummy wishes

I suddenly have an idea to make a post for today...i know its kind of late and im still in office...well sometimes work sucks...and what make it more fun is that what did i do after and Nurul when to buy grocery for our beloved takyah nk beloved sgt la kn home...we just keep forgetting to make grocery list and we always left certain thing behind like dish washer liquid...hahaha luckily im going for interview tomorrow so im not gonna wash any dishes today...i dont know why but this week we walk a lot...and i buy new mattress because the old one making my back in pain and look like grandma walking....err am i that bad? gosh!! 

After buy all the stuff my tummy make this rapping song and we stop by at Ice so desperate to ate that Mango Pomelo snow ice that i dream about eating it...luckily im not sleep-walking to Ice Room and order it....hahahaha so since Nurul phone still in ward so i use my phone to snap the pictures..and sorry guys if it does not look superb gorgeous...damn phone!! need to change new one...the snow ice does not look like the picture in the yang nak marah ni...
bak kata pepatah indah rupa dari khabar

In the menu looks so tempting with lots and lots of cube fresh mango...but in that green bowl i count its about 5 or 6 small cube of mango...huhuhu maybe next time i bought my own mango cubes...mcm ni restoran bapak ak yang punya....hahahaha sambil gelak jahat...but the snow ice looks really tempting...when i look at it i just scoop it and almost eat it and Nurul was like screaming...i thought that there is something in the snow ice...but she laugh and said wait she want to take photo so forgot to take a picture of it..but after that first bites i took some with covering the digging place that i scoop...i mean big scoop...

see i told you cant even see
any mango cubes there

p/s: my quotes doesn't make sense....

Monday, January 9, 2012

Homemade sandwiches

I don't know why lately, i'm so into sandwiches and salads nowadays....maybe it is a call to change my taste a little i when to supermarket last Friday after today i want to share with you guys about making your own chicken baguette with ceaser was the quickest meal i have made...within 5 minutes i can have my dinner about that?

Chicken baguette

1 loaf of baguette
1  fresh tomato, sliced
1 big size of red onion/ yellow onion, sliced
6 sliced of chicken sandwiches
1 whole lot of salad
Mayo and chilli sauce/ ketchup depends

First, cut the baguette horizontally because you need to stuffed it later...then spread some margarine..after that, stuff up the baguette with salad, tomato slices, onions, and chicken sandwiches...well be creative on that okay guys..last but not least, squeeze mayonnaise and chilli sauce or ketchup of what you favour.. 

Ceaser salad

1 whole lot of Romania lettuce
1 fresh tomato, chunky
As much Croutons as you like
Parmesan cheese


1/2 cup of olive oil or EVOO extra virgin olive oil
1 clove garlic, crushed
1 tsp worcestershire sauce
1 tsp lemon juice
1 tsp vinegar
1/2 tsp mustard

Firstly, separate and break the lettuce and washed it thoroughly...let it dry and put it in a fancy bowl..afterward, add tomato chunky and Parmesan cheese either chunky or shredded...its up to you though..then, take another bowl and mixed all the dressing and, pour the dressing into the salad in the bowl...just not to over-soaked the leaves and last but not least, sprinkle croutons on top..

Thursday, January 5, 2012

Freaky lunch

Around lunch time me and Nurul when to the bank instead of post office to pay our home bill and so we when to the Bank Simpanan Nasional (BSN) to pay our i thought that when it is about paying bills then it should be at the counter of that company..but then again i realize when i was 18, i when to post office with my tante to pay her just i about to think that only that two places are where you should pay your bills, then this morning one of the QC lab technician told me that i can also pay my bills there..and it was so convenient and quick..its only takes about 5 minutes..and here this...i when there during lunch hour!!! 

After that, Nurul and me decided to have lunch at that area but there are just to much restaurant around there and we were so blind by the foods in that restaurant and that is when we realize that the table already full..thank god we didn't take any plate and put the dishes yet...fuuhhhh!! later then we decided to ate at the food court and it was lovely...i ordered nasi ayam berempah and Nurul ordered nasi ayam penyet...after few minutes enjoying our meals, we suppose to take cab to office but unfortunately there are no cabs that want to stop and vacant that time....huhu

this one is nasi ayam berempah

me with my yummy nasi ayam penyet

p/s: after that long walk, i think i lose some weight...hahahaha

Westernize diet

Yesterday, i was in a hurry as boss given to our chef a task in making 4 kind of pasta sauces: Bolognaise, Carbonara, Marinara and that was the day chef, me and Nurul when for emergency grocery shopping at Tesco...while searching for the ingredients, my eyes was caught on that beautiful baguette...i have no idea why i call it i in love with baguette?? ooh gosh!! even today i'm still thinking about baguette for my dinner tonight...its been awhile since i last ate sandwiches..usually at home my mum loves to make sandwiches for lunch which a little bit lighter and heavy dinner..and FYI it is simple to dont even need to use fire to fry or cook anything..simple sandwiches only...and his is the first time i ate sandwich baguette...and i love it!! but not as much as i love sandwich croissant..and ate that sandwiches with salad..last night i ate ceaser salad with chunky tomatoes..i noticed that my stomach need to explore new foods rather than the same dishes for 2 decades that does sound long!!

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Froyo addiction

Although some might say that it is a bit expensive but i think i does too...but the taste of it make me addict...since before i am addict to ice-cream..last time, since my friend works at Baskin Robin...i always when there for a scoop of ice cream...either strawberry cheesecake or love is my favourite..since i when to campus which far away from home...same to my addiction...i keep it quiet an let me forgot about that it rise back...with much more healthier version...frozen yogurt..but only certain of it...well i'm really choosy with what i ate...some people might mixed all the flavours or toppings...but what i did was i make sure that toppings and flavours blend in with each yesterday i choose raspberry flavour with marshmallow, strawberry, kiwi and chocolate chip..i'm a bit disappointed that there are no cheerios breakfast cereal yesterday..they did change the toppings most of the time..maybe next time i might sneak a look at cheerios schedule then...hahaha FYI i am glad that i was born healthy and free from lactose intolerance...if not...can't imagine what that i been missing with all the ice-cream, yogurt drink, and frozen yogurt even the milkshake...i'm lucky then!! 

Triple cheesy

Well it's been amazing how time passed by so quickly...i just remember myself at the age of 18 but in a blink now i'm almost 21, i mean in 4 months time...gosh, that was quick!! as usual i would spent the short holiday, 3 days off at home by cuddling myself in my bed with teddy for days....but this time it was a little bit different...i want to make it special...i don't want to wake up next day in new year of was like waking up to the future..but this time i'm going to my Mak Long's house which one and a half hour from my not a big deal least i did spent time something to appreciate and say goodbye to 2011....and hello 2012!!

Since days i been thinking about eating Domino's pizza the new cheese burst double decker!! i dont think much i just ordered classified chicken topping for cheese burst double decker and side order cinnastix and cheese onion ring...and i love it!! its only take them to delivery it about half and hour and withour delivery charges..the cinnastix is a sweet dessert make of pizza dough with sprinkle of cinnamon and sugar an frosting i opened my door to take my pizza..the smell of that pizza make me craving like bite of it make you fall in love with that pizza and thank God for creating such a beautiful thing call cheese!! when you eat it when it is still hot, that pizza give you a mouthful of cheese and white sauce which blend together and melt inside your mouth....

But that evening i when to my Mak Long's house and day after that, me and my cousins when for dinner at Pizza Hut and tried Ultimate Cheese 7 pizza and to answer the question of the ads...i definitely can handle the cheese!! but the trick must eat the pizza when it is still hot...otherwise the feel and the cheese wont be the is best to that bite on hot pizza..and yesterday me, nurul and hem when out to get meals and we all end up at Pizza Hut...and for me it was like back-to-back pizzas 3 times a week....but this time i ordered something little bit different than usual...cheesy lave stuffed crust with beef pepperoni toppings and mushroom soup and meatball bolognaise together with creamy carbonara...Perfectto!!

Pepperoni delight cheesy lava stuffed crust

Classified chicken cheese burst double decker

After few bites


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