Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Tutti frutti for perfect two

Yesterday, after work we when straight to Dataran just to explore some of the shops that we didn't yet been explore...and guess what!! now did i know where is Watson is...usually i only just saw and when to Guardian...well after that refreshing-walk-for-eyes me and Nurul when to Tutti is just opening this month here and i think it is worth to try out here..i don't know why but there are a lots of people in that shop...well what are you waiting for lets try frozen yogurt!! there are to many flavours and we pick original tart so that it will match with variety toppings that we wont feel like vomiting later...hahahaha im just that fussy in choosing food and most of all the taste should be match in another words it should compliment each other and even that you think that it doesn't look match but if you taste it it would be absolutely amazing together...

So its time to choose the toppings...we put lots of cute little marshmallow, chocolate chips, Cheerios cereals, smarties, peaches, mangoes, fresh strawberry until its totally full....and it does look tempting to eat...the 'catch' it the frozen yogurt it sell by per 1kg is about RM58....yes!! it does expensive...but it is healthier meal to eat...and FYI healthy meals does with that gigantic cup i just can assume that we wont be eating milk or dairy product of week or maybe a month...hahahaha and we ate it while walking back the time we at the house im already full....

p/s: BTW bob if you read feel jealous...muahahahaha


  1. gambar nurul je, gambar kau mana?

  2. muke kebulur sgt xley letak...bahaye...hihi


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