Monday, November 28, 2011


I know its been a while since i last updated...i been busy this weekend..u know it 3 days off and im going to my auntie's house which end of this month she going to move to Sabah i when there and help her out painting rooms and well now i know that im not the most talented in painting walls...oppss my bad!! but after all i did paint yesterday she bought me and the teachers from her kids nursery to Domino's Pizza at Pandan Indah....the franchise just open up in Pandan Indah so no need to go all the way to Ampang Point....too crowded make me stress...unless it is about sales and 70 percent discount then im on...hehehe so the they before we did online order on the pizza and dine in at 11 am the next day..yes!! they do have online order and that just save much of your time instead of going to wait for the pizza to bake...and they give you good discount if you online order...

We end up choosing 1 large pizza thin crust with 4 regular pizza which 2 thin crust 2 new york crust...what so amazing about domino's it that it have variety of crust such as Classic Hand Tossed crust like the one in Pizza Hut, New York crust, Thin crust and Double Decker crust with cheese in the middle..if you are the kind of  cheese-lover like i would definitely recommend to order Classified Chicken in Double Decker crust and and extra cheese topping...after you had one bite of that you wont remember anything about going back to Pizza Hut me...i've done it...the cheese make you want to eat that pizza more..Domino's pizza have have 3 top signature sauce for base which is Domino's signature sauce which is from fresh vine-ripe tomatoes, top secret sauce and spicy sambal sauce...there are also new sauce in Domino's which in Pizza First Class range, barbecue and the other one im not so sure what it is...we order Meatasaurus, Aloha Chicken, Classified Chicken and also Extravaganza with side order twisty bread, roasted chicken drummet, and chocolate lava cake...however i would also recommend banana kaya dessert...

FYI Domino's pizza been establish first compare to Pizza is establish in US and second-largest pizza chain in US...and the franchise start to expand until it came to Malaysia...but some might guess that Domino's is new franchise than Pizza Hut...what makes Domino's differ than Pizza Hut is the concept of the franchise itself...Domino's is more on delivery pizza which is why there are free of charge for delivery while Pizza Hut is more on dine in which is more on the service...if you when to both of the franchise then you might see that if dine in Pizza Hut..they will provide you with ceramic plate while in Domino's they provide us with paper plate..and Pizza Hut will charges us if we make delivery pizza...for domino's even if we order delivery for one pizza they will deliver it with no for those who did not try out Domino's worth it!!



Meatasaurus and twisty bread

Chocolate lava cake

Friday, November 25, 2011


Its been a week now im in production line at cooking first always and always bare in mind that you have to wear lab coat, hair net, boot and is the most essential thing that need to like always they making coconut milk and fried vegetable paste for today...when i say coconut milk means 9 to 12 production of coconut milk per is madness!!!even in my mind at very second i breath i always think of coconut milk...hahaha BTW did you know that coconut milk have lots of advantages...people nowadays like to use chemical product compare to natural ingredient product...

Here are some beauty tips using coconut milk...first of all coconut milk does do good thing to your makes your hair moisturize, darken and thicken the old days, our late ancestors use this kind of thing instead of going to spa which cost you like few hundreds but actually you can do it at home...coconut milk also can be use as scrubs or milk bath to whiten, soft and fluffy skin for body...coconut milk from the origin contain its own oil and salt which is why in every food production of coconut milk there are no salt been added because its already contain small amount of salt in it..

coconut milk, flesh and flake

coconut milk scrubs

Thursday, November 24, 2011

Walking to the end of breath

Yesterday me and Nurul end up going to Giant supermarket and buy chicken, mix seafood, tandoori paste, sausages and some veggies...its been a while since last time i when to Giant...usually i buy grocery near our house...but the price is affordable for certain item such as poultry, seafood, veggies and etc. but if you want to buy anything in pouches, canned, or bottles it is best to buy in supermarket...the price is way much cheaper than grocery shop...example like instant noodle Maggi if buy in supermarket it will only cost you 3 dollar something but if in grocery shop it will cost you 4.70 dollar...imagine the differences..the price is not acceptable if there is nearby supermarket..but i think i would consider the price if i may stay in some place that is very far from any supermarket like it takes about an hour or so to the from my house to supermarket, it only take about 10 minutes by car or motorbike..while walking and done some window shopping, i took some pictures...sorry camera biasa je...but i did take good view of potatoes and cactus...i love colourful cactus!! it does make pictures merrier..

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Snowy wednesday

Sorry guys for not update anything yesterday...i have fever and i got MC for today im back to work in production line...and FYI i lives in a country in Asian so basically no snow here accept man-made snow in cold room..but that do costly..anyway back to the snow this week im suppose to be in cooking area...and today productions are majorly coconut milk...and yes im talking about snowy coconut flake...the wastage from coconut milk-making...although the wastage is only about less than 8%...the wastage exist due to filtration after homogenize the coconut milk that take about 40 minutes to 1 hour...all the wastage must be weight in order to know how many percent does the wastage present..talking about snowy coconut flake remind me of snow in Alkmaar, Amsterdam years ago...when i was 16 years old..but that time i missed few days as on the day that i put my footstep in Schipol Airport the snow almost gone..the ice in winter already going on meting phase...too bad i didnt watch the snow flake fell down...maybe next time i should earn myself money and when to Alps Mount so then i would always see snow everyday.....macam ni kene kawen anak Dato lah..hehehe oppsss marah nanti just joking....

melting snow

So anyway the snow im talking about is snowy of coconut flake..maybe coconut flake or coconut milk are not quite popular among European or American...but in Asia especially Malaysia it is one of the thing that must-have in the shopping list...mostly Malays use coconut milk to make all sort of curries, sticky rice eat with spicy sauce, nasi lemak and assorted of kuih....but in Thailand, they most common dishes with coconut milk is sticky rice with mango...not typically mango that can be found in supermarket..but this type of mangoes only harvest in Thailand which so they called Thong-dam which means black gold...not all people know that this fruit exist because usually in Malaysia perspective that mango in green colour means unripe but certain exotic fruit especially from Thailand and most countries in the north of Malaysia have fruit supply from Thai because it is more this mango usually look like unripe but the flesh inside is yellowish-orange in colour which taste sweet...

Back to the story of snowy coconut flake..usually people use the flake in making cake decorations, cupcake decoration, anything that have to do with bake...i have this idea of new dishes by grill banana with the skin and peel it off and dip in coconut flake...i never try it before..but i did try grill banana...and it sure taste good with the sweet of banana with the nutty taste of coconut...

sticky rice with mango and coconut milk

Thong-dam mango (Black golden mango)
Snow flake from filtrate coconut milk

Monday, November 21, 2011

Boy day out shopping

Yes guys!!its not girl day out...its boy day out might be surprise by how good they are at shopping for real...but not as good as us...although they are not tempted by sales like we do...i mean like i do...there is a time where every time that  i saw banner on parkson grand extreme sales..i would definitely scream!!!! Mr.Tembikai asked me if i would like to accompany him shopping for new clothes and shoes...even if he wont ask...i would definitely follow him but of course when it is my turn to shop he's not going to follow me around for shopping...

I would go around the same place for like 5 hours just to decide which shop give better discount...anyway if i go shopping..he will volunteer to carry my bags and sort of thing but he will not follow me around for shopping....but when it comes to go to saloon for haircut or perming my hair...he would wait for 2 hours for my hair to get perm...but in the mean time he will definitely go to games shop and play games there first while waiting for me and he would come and look for me every half an hour....

So after window shopping....we had lunch first..we had our favourite dish...sizzling yee mee...yummy!! after we ate we when back to the shops and he try out the shoes...unlucky for him the shoes that he want does not have bigger size...too bad..we all around and find this shop where he lastly buy shoes and shirts there... i forgot to take a snap on the shirt that he buy...i choose the shirts for him and i loves the light green shirt that i choose for him...i will show to you next time okay guys..but i did snap a picture of myself waiting for him to try out the shirts in the fitting room....FYI that Chinese seller thought i am Chinese...errr am i? i thought i am a bit darker to be Chinese....

Before we when back after he buys another cd games for his beloved Xbox....we when to watch movie..i know im a bit late to watch The does feels like so last year because usually i am the one who promoting people on watching movies..i cant wait to watch The darkest hour which directed by Timur Bekmambetov....just waiting any moment now and i must be the first to watch that movie...mengalahkan VIP nak jadi orang first....i would definitely recommend this movie for those who are not watch it yet...the story kinda similar a bit with the set place for Clash of the titan...

Rate: 9/10

Thursday, November 17, 2011


Today as i wake up this was so cold...and im thinking twice about taking shower...but i did shower okay..using my sweet Exfoliating Body Wash Strawberry...i love the smell of the body wash which sweet like strawberry jam and leave your skin soft and feel fresh to start a day...i definitely recommend this body wash...for people who are not strawberry lover, this product also have other flavour body wash which are kiwi, orange and tamarind..

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Can you handle it

Last night, supposedly for dinner we are planing to make chicken curry not the thick one...when i arrive at home..i went straight to the ice box...what shock me the most the chicken is already spoil and start produce a smell that my nose hard to smell...and i been wandering why it is easily spoil and what come cross to my mind is the grocery shop that sell me that half chicken...i was so disappointed with some of the people who too crazy to earn money that they willing to lie on their customer about the quality of their product..and i would never going back to the grocery shop...the grocery shop just open last week and most all of the vegetables they sell already withered within one day...what that my mind been thinking maybe same with the chicken that they sold to wonder they wont allow me to buy quarter and buy another quarter tomorrow....

At first i had doubt about the quality of the chicken that i bought as this is the first time im buying kinda fresh chicken usually i always buy frozen boneless and skinless...easy right!! you do have to remove the skin and have difficulties in cutting the chicken with bone on it...and yes this thing does exist..the one that i and my family usually buy chicken brand from Ayam wont disappoint you!!! or if you have fresh supplier for chicken then go for it..anyway back to the grocery shop...they claim and convince me that the chicken is fresh and they said that the chicken were bought buy supplier early morning..and i did believe to their lies...and i was so angry!!! how could you such thing to your customer, the one who help generate your income..without us (customers), your shop would be closed at anytime..

After all the drama i end up with this idea of making vegetable curry..some may only know that curry are only for chicken, mutton, beef, prawn, crab and squid...and yes this dish some restaurant might written it as vegetarian curry...usually people who in category of meat eater would prefer protein in their curry..and in certain curry they not only using coconut milk but they also find other alternative such as fresh milk, yogurt, soy milk and some might not even use any kind of milk...but mine..i put coconut milk because this is what we have in the kitchen...i intended to use yogurt but cant find natural yogurt in shops here i am making vegetable curry using coconut milk with extra kick...some might say i was too spicy..for me it is perfection..hehehe i never use blend chilies in any of my curry because it make my curry not as authentic as Indian curry...usually in Malay curry it wont be Malay curry unless coconut milk and blend chillies is added inside it...i may not come from India but my meal is either Indian, Thai, Chinese or Western cuisine...sometimes i mixed the cuisine in my meal...yummy!!

Vegetable curry

p/s: i tend to wrote a lot if it is about FOOD!!

F for food

I know i may not be super cook but thank god i know how to cook...well let's u guys judge on that okay which level am i anyway yesterday after coming back home from work...i feel like eating chicken or chicken make me so appetizing...damn no wonder i gain more weight now even though i walk to work....its okay maybe tomorrow i'll run to work..anyway what im about to post today is that yesterday i did the cooking...and day before that Nurul did the cooking...its not like im bias or proud of myself or what..but i think i cook better than yesterday i end up making crispy fried chicken with long beans veggie..few days before that i make modified maggie as bachelor in rented must be modest and i did not receive my allowance yet...the first thing im going to do when i receive my allowance definitely im going for steambot...oh yeahh!!! that's more like it...

maggie curry

long beans veggie

crispy fried chicken

p/s: credit to Nurul for given me a chance to snap picture using her plate..

Monday, November 14, 2011

3 weeks in action

Without me notice its been 3 weeks in this not-so-new-place..they put me and nurul in Lab i was teach the first among the steps that need to be done once you enter your feet in this lab...Sweep and wipe is a must!!and always remember to wash your hand with dettol...ouh!! there was one time where one of my fingers got cut..i accidentally was my hand with dettol and at that particular spot where i got cut feel really hot!!!like placing your hand in oven....sometimes when there so much things that needed to be prepared and measure in R&D lab..i accidentally splash vinegar on that spot that i got cut...lucky now its already recover...fuhh....i know that clumsy is a tiny little part in my book of life...this week i been doing microbe test again..but this time i almost got it perfectly circle..the sample that been titre on petrifilm..still in progress of making is perfect circle..and FYI i do ask for tips...

Me eyeballing Nurul haha

Saturday, November 12, 2011

Nurul's 20th bday

It was the most spontaneous birthday plan i ever happen when i suddenly realize few days ago when she unconsciously allow me to watch her phone and facebook...and since then i know it...hahaha what that i do is that is was a last minute decision and me and aqilah and yana set the plan...and i ask her if if she want to go with me to Giant supermarket to buy some stuff for our house...aqilah and yana buy cake and waited at Mac Donald  while me distract nurul so that she will stay in Giant a bit longer just in case they jump up to each other...i know my plan do feel sucks!! because i know she will be near me anywhere i go except to the toilet..

The original plan was to buy her cute cupcakes with words on top of it said HB Mirakkk well we end up buying chocolate cake with walnut in the bottom layer of the cake...yummy!! so we all celebrate her birthday while having our dinner..the truth is at that time i already starving!! i made nurul window shopping all around that Giant..hehehe 

Today me and nurul bake pizza with fries in my magical oven...err not-so-magical..well that is our brunch..and for dinner we make thai was delicious!!!! maybe next time i will make make me feel hungry..

Thursday, November 10, 2011

Hold your senses

Today was not like yesterday...because yesterday i learn about applying what that i learn in campus for years which i kinda forgot bit by bit..microbiological test...i not kinda person who like microbes as they cause me diarrhea..hate you microbes...but anyway not all microbes are bad..some do good for us..and some help in making new product such as yogurt, tempeh and the way what am i trying to say is that today sensory test been done just now..and gosh!! it was organize than last week...and there was this guy i-dont-know-his-name which i called guy in spectacles from HQ did the sensory test..i dont know how it turn out...and the formulation already alter and taste much better than last time..fuuuhhhh...they said that this guy is one of the kind super-taster..i wish im in that kind of level..the kind which can even detect the differences even it only differ little tiny bit...being a super-taster is not a piece of cake..cake!! it making me feel thats all about today guys...nothing to gossip about....sorry nothing much happen today...

Tuesday, November 8, 2011


i dont feel like to waking up today..i want to sleep so more...can i just skip one day from work..hehe macam office bapak ak je...its been two days that we when late to work...i feell so cold in the morning even that night before i already slow down my fan and the water is so shivering!!

i think i already walk ad fast as i can but i still cant make it to office in 10 my dream only...i been think of buying a i dont have to wake up really early in the morning to go to work...and plus i can cycle faster..hehe but i still doesnt know where to buy bicycle...will updated soon guys..

Monday, November 7, 2011

My bad or bad food

Hey guys, its been a while since last time i have diarrhoea...
this is why i hate travelling because i end up eating late and my stomach feel bloating all the time..
i cant even remember what that i eat entire day..oppsss
im still recover from diarrhoea..
hopefully by tomorrow no more diarrhoea..

lukisan semata2

Friday, November 4, 2011 and away

Last night i've been rushing all the way from my office until to airport the moment i press my thumb to the finger-tech attendance at 5.30pm and i take out my shoes from the rack and my mind start thinking to be in langkawi right..until when i closed my eyes for a while..i can smell the breeze...i miss you langkawi...

i dont have transport for now so me and nurul are walking and one of the trainee there give us a ride back home...and me and nurul run to the third floor...and open the doors..i mean like we lock the door, the grill and we put also the lock takes few minutes to open nurul change clothes and me pack my stuff and walla we are ready to go!! actually im the one in the rush here not nurul but i ask her to accompany me until im in the cab..hehe

Thank to the cab driver drive fast and this is how things happen...i arrive at KTM Seremban with my mind all ready organize the time because i gonna missed my plane even for 1 minutes late..oh gosh!! my mind start to worry and supposely i took the train at 6.45pm to BTS but suddenly the train been cancel...i mean like what the rushing here its not like im taking a cruise walk to airport..every minute count!!and while i've been cursing the comuter and waited for 1 hour more because the next train at 7.30pm..and i start to call my dad, aunty and all the people that cross to my mind to know if my flight does delayed or than ellie called me and we tall all the way when i in the train and i change plan..

Instead of going to BTS im stoping at UKM and my aunty and my cousin will pick me up and send me to the airport..the highway start to jam with the traffic but not that heavy aunty already give me few options either im staying with her or hoping for flight delay or going back tomorrow with ayah mat but he only go to sungai the hell im going from sungai petani to is the worst day ever!! i been thinking that my dad already spent few hundreds to buy the tickets including the return tickets...what a waste if i didnt make it to take that last flight...and when i arrive at the running like hell with the luggage...and thank god that the flight delay half an hour...and here i am in Langkawi now...

Im coming home!!!

Its been a week i did my practical in Sime Darby Alif Food retort Sdn Bhd
i cant wait to going back home tonight..
after i finish working around 5.30pm im must rush immediately
 like superhero The Flash
change my clothes and ready!!!
lets see how am i going to be at the airport on time before 9pm
cant figure that out yet..opss hope dont missed the flight..

damn it does make me nervous especially today my result came out...
and the truth it does not looking good..the worst of all and im not getting first class..
there are no other words to describe my disappointment on my result, i mean like seriously no words..
kinda admit that i hate myself!!

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Sweet Sweat Senawang

I know its been a while that i updated my blog..sorry sorry sorry sorry....
i've been busy with moving house lately...yes guys im in Senawang now with Nurul a.k.a mirah..
FYI we rent a house for both of for two..
i doesnt feel lonely but at least not that boring after all because i usually, i mean most of the time i tease Nurul..hahaha
being here although sometimes i miss my home but i like it here more...
i start my practical today..WOW its was amazing been there...
i might reconsider about my job options..
i may be working here after all..who knows about that..

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