Saturday, December 24, 2011

X'mas eve

I wake up this morning thinking about waking up late but instead i woke up at 7 a.m and with my sleepyhead i headed to kitchen but i dont ate..i just looking around as my mum and dad going to wedding ceremony tonight in KL...just brush my teeth im ready to send them to the airport with my uncle and aira...he without telling me after send my parents, he headed to Kuah to pick up his my mind i was like OMG this was the first time i went out without taking shower and i still sleepy though...luckily his friends ferry delayed so he turn back and when for a car wash....early in the morning we are the first who wash car having cendol pulut for my breakfast..and aira was looking weirdly at the car being snow wash....

Back home i was about to fell asleep while watching movies..then his friends came and afterwards we when out...FYI this time i did take my shower okay!!hehe we headed to chocolate shops where he cheapest chocolate you can buy in Langkawi and Cuban house...they got this amazing collections of pipe for sale and also variety of shisha pipe and also the is said that apple is the best most of as i was in the chocolate shop, i did discover Hershey's hugs instead of kisses...i though my uncle just made his prank we got hugs and kisses XOXO!! the what does hugs have that differ than kisses? well basically the hugs chocolate is a milk chocolate with white creme coating it which it called hugs the milk chocolate..and i found my favourite Ritters Sports....some might not familiar with the brand compared to Cadbury but once you try it, you are hooked....

Whole collections of Ritters Sport
except the limited edition

First car washed for today

My uncle with his daughter, Aira

Hershey's Hugs and Kisses

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