Friday, October 28, 2011

The farewell show

It does make me sad that Oprah Winfrey Show is coming to the end, after all this years i been watching it since the day i was born the show is already there. I wish that the show could never end because it does teach me a lot, not only me but all the women in this world. You make people realize that everyone is worth it and precious not only by their look but by what is inside it and you also help a lot of people in this world to achieve happiness and because of that women nowadays are more successful and comparable to man..You are my inspiration that women are not just and accessories in the kitchen but they are some more than that..And yes Oprah i see you, hear you and what you say does matter to me.

Thank you Oprah for everything that you done.

Sunday, October 23, 2011

Cocoa butter vs chocolate

I just bought it just now and tried it...
yes it does taste like chocolate but its not pure chocolate..
cocoa butter is one of the contents in cocoa bean
cocoa butter usually use in making white chocolate
anyway it does match with my lip smacker vanilla
and cheap and it is chocolate
what more can i say...just buy it....
love it!!

one week left

alangkah bestnye relaks mcm nih..
*mcm muat je nk msuk dlm besen kecik

OMG why semester break is so short!!!
 i need more time to relax before practical training..
baru nak hilang lenguh2 badan lepas siapkan final project beramai2..
i cant imagine my practical training life at Sime Darby Alif Food..
luckily i will do my training with Nurul which gonna be my housemate..
mcm nk mintak lebih je elaun mcm ni
rumah sewe pown xlepas gune duit elaun..
first need to settle about our house for two..
the next 4 months its gonna be about me, Sime Darby, Nurul...

Saturday, October 15, 2011

Smacker is in town

come to mama!!!
I have been waiting for long time for this product to be launch in Malaysia..its usually well known in USA as it is made in USA..what i like about this product is the so in love with vanilla lip smacker..FYI this is the biggy size of vanilla lips smacker usually the size much smaller..thanks Bonne are awesome!! one day hopefully you will come up with perfume with this kind of  flavours...maybe some might not know what is lips smacker..does it smack your lips or what right...actually its a lip balm with flavours such as real fruits, sweets and soft drinks..last couple of days im in Penang and the day that i arrive aunty take us (me and my mom) to dinner coincidentally in front of Guardian..while i playing with Sophie i enter Guardian to call up my aunty and at that moment i was so surprise..i already run out of my current lip balm im wearing Banana Boat Vitamin E and Aloe Vera Lip Balm SPF 30..this lip balm is magnificent..i like it so soften and moisturize my lips and make it shiny and i rarely had dry lips when wearing this...

thanks for your duty to my lips

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Cuci mata di Lorenzo

On my way to buy bus ticket to pilahdelphia because i have exam MUET which is speaking at 12th October 2011 at 7.30 a.m...7.30 a.m man!! like i ever wake up this early...hahaha gosh still cant imagine how can i wake up around that belilah tiket bas pkul 10.15 mlm..agak2 smp pkul 5.30pg...pastu petang tu dh nk balik sni balik..mmg hidup saya ni untuk jenjalan jauh2 semata2 nak jawab MUET...kalo tak dapat band 5 jugak..saya ban pemeriksa tuh..hehehe

Back to the going back from the bus station..suddenly my dad turn left..err nak pegi mne la pulak abah nih!!our house is on different direction so he end up parking in front of Lorenzo...sejak ble la pulak my house dkt lorenzo nih aduhai....ptotla berenti sini..rupanya tgh sales...muahahahaha seeing the furniture make me want to have my own house and design my own interior..perasaan macam la ada duit banyak kn..keje pown x...what i like the most is the paintings that they match to the sofa and the interior but this is nothing to compare with IKEA...IKEA awesome!!mmg kalo pegi xbeli pape mmg xsah...xtahan godaan barang2 dya..

i thought artichoke to eat only haha

is this flower fresh or fake?~guess~

Sunday, October 9, 2011

Restaurant at home

Hye guys...u might been wondering why must restaurant at home...and what the hell is she talking about..anyway what am i trying to say here is that u dont have to go to restaurant to have good meal with splendid presentation on the dish..jadikan dapur rumah anda sebagai restoran pertama..tapi kalo yg buta masakan tu mmg tak ley nk diselamatkan la kn..hehehehe home meal setanding ngan restaurant meal tonight i ate chicken chop with side dish grilled corn, mashed potato and sauté veggies...same with my dad...we usually take the same menu except last night...i ate lamb chop and he ate rib-eye steak..owh BTW my family routine is that we usually eat asian for lunch macam nasi campur ke mee sup ke mee kari ke but  for dinner usually western sometimes sandwiches...huhu ptotla ak kurus je dduk kt the housewife or househusband yang memasak la kn...please make the dishes look interesting...i know some might say..masak cincai2 dh la..nanti msuk perut jgak kn....yes mmg in the end msuk perut..but the best part of making dishes well presented is that to build up appetite...tak kan la bau bukan main sedap..skali pandang mcm apa je..tak seindah bau..hahaha apa pown boley...

sib baik sempat tangkap sebelum perasan pelahap tu dtg hahaha

Saturday, October 8, 2011

Nanny for a day

Being nanny for a day probably enough to get me aunty and sophie came yesterday and stayed with us over the weekend..and this make me busy with the cooking for dinner and cleaning the dishes..i know i get this a lot..

You cook?? <weird face> you must be joking me....hahahaha  *tgk monyet nih pown gelak 
People might think im just a spoiled-brat young typical...why is it difficult for people to believe i am family type of person...huhuhu what i had experience...there was this time where me and my dad, we went to this restaurant Restoran Khadijah in Pantai Tengah, Langkawi..we know the owner of that particular restaurant and by coincident the owner is at cashier counter..FYI the owner strictly that only her cook the dishes for nasi campur..

Dad : Eyh kak tak buat dh ka kuah dahl?

Owner : Takdak masa la encik..sbb susah cari bahan...tak cukup orang nk masak dahl..

Me : Kalo sy keja sini tlg masak bley tak kak..akak tunjuk la skit2 resipi2 kuah dahl tu..

Owner : Kamu keja cashier ja kowt..ayah kamu mesti nk kamu keja cashier...

Me : <looking to my dad with ??>

*Dlm hati : ingat sy ni xpandai masak ke..aduh

Sorry for the detour just anyway this morning i had this alarm clock a.k.a my aunty and sophie especially sophie which annoyed me every 5 minutes until i wake up with tickling my feet la...pull my blankets..playing with my not enough sleeping beauty..hahahaha mengalahkan model and in the end i wake up..we went to Alor Star Mall to shop for sophie's dress..she like dresses..actually the dress for her concert on graduation day in kinder-garden..hahaha kinder-garden pown ade graduation day while finding the right dress..i am the one who carrying sophie around..dah la berat nak mampus..sib baik tak patah tangan..dh mcm anak aku la pulak aduh jatuh saham mak..why me.....!!
one day when i have my own kids..sophie going to be on my first list for babysit them...muahahahahaha balas dendam nampak 

Thursday, October 6, 2011

Flooding in Thailand

Just now i heard my dad talking to my mom that in Thailand were shortage of rice due to flooding in 1/3 of Thailand including Cambodia...padahal dengar dkt TV channel CNN yang abah bukak kn...hahaha when i get home this is what happen to me...too much news that i not like me..actually i don't really watch news but my dad did conquer TV so i don't have much choice...maybe u guys been wondering 'so what Thailand flooding' its doesn't not gonna do with us..not our country that flooding..daaa
FYI fellas!! don't u guys know that most of rice in Malaysia been imported by imagine if Thailand  i mean among their people run out of rice that supposedly use to transport to our we maybe gonna have rice emergency here!! mintak2 harga beras tak melambung2..kalo iphone 4s ley trun harga tak kn beras xley kn....i dont see any connections there..hahaha alamat kurus la pasni...huhu ohh tidakk!!

Legendary Steve Job (1955-2011)

Steve job was the co-founder and chairman of Apple Inc. died today because of cancerous tumor in his pancreas..what make this so sad is that without him..its going to effect world computerize technology industries in long-term..and yes we did lost someone who are born to be great...may your soul rest in peace R.I.P...

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

this is how its happen

Its started with one click on my left mouse..and there you go...i been offered to take diploma in food technology in Kuala Pilah, Negeri Sembilan..negeri sembilan?? where the hell is that country..i never been to that county yet..well because of im eager to take this course as im more hoping to get in campus Shah Alam..well never mind about here i am on the journey to a place that i never been before...

on my way to Pilahdelphia

the same room i've been staying for almost 3 years now

so long my bed-that-doesnt-belong-to-me

My first impression on the this is new...yes guys this is the new campus...and eventually i am one of the first thing about being first batch in this campus UiTM Negeri in my school MJSC Kepala Batas, Bertam in Seberang Prai, im know what is the worst case scenario might happen...poor facilities and the journey began...for 3 years been staying here..making this my second home...there is so much to learn and experience with all kind of people..people do changes...what makes them who they are is their attitude...some are easily been influence by others...some like to influence others..some are culture shock....some might feel lost...
There's so much memories that i have to this place...but im not hoping that im back to continue study in this place..hehehe need to explore new place...i may be look spoil by my parents but i love to stay away from them...hahaha im not the kind of girl that need to be 24/7 with my beloved family..its not that i dont love them or appreciate them..but life must go on...and i am already 20...and i think i should be able to make my own decision and being responsible in what decision that i make...i love to explore.. that's who i am..

when take 5..this is what we do

orientation week

out shopping with Mai Comel

why must during take 5 we take a shot..err

MIC class with Sir Hilmi

Class BEL
*syahmi sleeping oppss

Second year CTU

Boring in HBU

First time in class CTU
*which explain the veil

Visit to Yakult

Lab in Campus Shah Alam

lab unit operation while waiting for cake to bake

Figuring shape of microbes


Food technology scientist a.k.a Food technologist

Hot chicks

Noodle-making in lab

with our Ketua Program AS116

His magic camera that makes my pimples invisible

taking picture with Sir Eddie and Sir Rama

i miss you guys so so much

Mun sayang saya

Third semester with my roomates

Futsal match

FPD in Shah Alam

in lab food analysis
*pastu kne marah ngan lab
assistant sbb main2 dlm lab

on my way to class

what make this place is so special...its them..the food tech student first batch..they are irreplaceable..we all just fun and outgoing even how nerd or how smart they are...they just the best friends so far..thank you for being my friends ellie, mai, nad, faraishah, wani, auni, nah, diyana, dayah-dayah, mira , nurul, izni, byla, ainur, mariyah, nisah, mun, amin, pak lah, syahmi, keon, farid, wan, kib, anne, acap, fatin amira, asma and the geng, ika and the geng...malas nk tulis name byk2..

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