Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Chillax at Ice Room

Last week me and Nurul when to Ice Room since i been thinking about it for days...and for days i have to pursue Nurul to go to Ice Room...and the day have come...so i have no idea what's got into us..i mean like it been whole day that we ate cold drinks include breakfast...and that day was so cold and cloudy....its look like it going to rain but it didn't..right after work we when straight to Ice Room and we ordered Fresh Strawberry Fruit Snow Ice instead of Mango Pomelo Snow Ice...it takes me 10 minutes to decide which i want to eat...all the snow ice look tempting..maybe next time i would try out Mango Pomelo Snow Ice and Tropical Mixed Fruit Snow Ice...

With the taste of the snow ice match with the thick strawberry syrup and the fresh strawberry compliment each other and also with sweet corn and selasih...anyway, i'm pretty sure Daily Fresh also have snow ice but without the extra fresh fruits topping and it was lovely...it is called Ice Kimo...i had tried Soursop Ice Kimo...im kind the type of sour person so  basically most fruits that i like i bit sourly side..such as strawberry, lime, pomelo, soursop....it doesnt matter what it is...i just love snow ice!!

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