Thursday, December 29, 2011

The Darkest Hour review

Yesterday, i had a good news that Mr. Tembikai got new motorbike..i was so relieve an glad to see that he seem happy not look like haywire..but only one more thing going on and on in his mind his beloved Xbox which still in hospital...he have to wait till next Tuesday to discharge his beloved...well obviously i'm not the top 3 beloved one's...damn!! 

So we are planing to watch Sherlock Holmes: A Game Of Shadows but we miss the schedule time and if we want to wait for that story, i probably end up sleeping at the cinema and watch it in my dreams....hahaha so we choose The Darkest Hour instead and FYI the story-line is boring....but the effects are marvelous.. especially the invisible alien...but what makes it uncool is the ending!! its not a favourite of mine to watch story that doesn't have concrete ending....well it is suppose to make the story more mysterious but some how after watching lots of  that kind of does making me feel irritating..and seat back guys..i'm definitely sure that there will be The Darkest Hour 2 or maybe they change the name but the continuation of that the movie Tomorrow, When War Began...similar kind of story but the differences is that one is about war between countries and the other one about invasion of invisible alien...

Rate: 7/10

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