Thursday, September 29, 2011

exam's mode

I know i dont update bad..i need to concentrate on my studies...since i get good result my parent hoping for something more...daaa you know what..this is why i dont want to get excellent result...i dont like people pressure me...i know what i need to do..i can pressure my self so no thanks for your not-so-helpful help..getting stress with burden assignments and all kind of trouble happen at the same this the study mood is on...this really turn my mood off...damn after all i manage to handle it..fuh!! any-who...tonight was double the lecturer sir Hilmi want to buy us (me,ellie,mai an byla) dinner...he own us big time....its been a while someone buy me dinner...hahaha nothing much just we had rice with daging masak merah, kailan ikan masin, tom yam and omelete..two things about me that i dont really show to people but sometimes do shows is that i love tomato doesnt matter is in juice or sauce or paste...i just love it from i was born...and the other thing is i prefer thai foods such as tom yam kung, som tam, pat pet chicken and kaeng som...maybe because my grandfather married to Siamese...and my home is near to Thailand and i often sightseeing in Hatyai...its like Thailand is my second country...hahaha ada jugak girls like that
muahahaha i think this is one of the memories that i will always remember till i die..there's nothing can be compare with lecturer buy dinner for us...ngeeeee~

what make this week funny is that i now realize new method to stay awake all night without feeling exhausted and sleepy and of course no caffeine!!what did i do...around 12 a.m i started feeling hungry and at once i feel like eating oat but i dont have oat..huhuhu so i end up eating 3 packs of Nestum 3 in 1..i make it very thick like oat kind of thick....i ate it and around 2 a.m i started to prepare to sleep as i usually sleep around that time but all of sudden...i feel active..i dont feel exhausted at all not even sleepy...i tried to close my eyes for about 2 hours and hoping that i could sleep...but i end up watching several movies and slept at 5 a.m.....around 8 o'clock in the morning i have call from my lecturer...and after that i dont sleep until it is the most longest time i stay awake ever!!!!

Saturday, September 24, 2011


im so sorry for forgetting the most important date of all....
your birthday...i wish i have a time machine to when back those few hours....and send terminator to remind me that your birthday is coming soon...i dont think of any present yet...but hopefully if i have the chance to go to explorace next month in Sabah...i would definitely give you, your number one thing on your list that you want it so badly.... 

i know tomorrow is your sorry..there's no word in this world can describe how regretful i am for not remember it...i know you said to me that you dont mind as you yourself dont remember it until your friends give hint to you and your mom...i may be forgot about it few days before your birthday but im definitely not going to forget to so so sorry...its a big deal to me....and i hate myself for letting this happen..i have no idea what to do and what to say because usually its my birthday that end up on examination weeks not you..this is the first time ever your birthday on the exam's weeks.....gosh i usually will pampered you and focus on you more that my studies...i have no idea what happen to me becoming blur most of the time...what happen to me...sorry if i always says about me more that about you....but who cares this is my blog dear..hahahahahaha my blog, my stories...

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

what lies beneath first exam paper face

I know all might guess i did score my first paper and that's the reason that i went out early...
hopefully i did score..aminnnnnnnnnnnn.............
but the truth shivering inside the hall...its too cold and my mind start to cramp....huhuhu
even to tie the thread..its taking me about few minutes....what happen to me!!!
people who asking me about the paper might see my face like this....

5 minutes after when out exam hall

7 minutes 

10 minutes

but the truth is this is how its meant by first exam paper ETR300...
im doom!!!!
i hate this paper cause it giving me headache and make me want to go to the loo all the time...
i dont really see the connections between headache and pee.....hahaha
i did calculated the risk im answer it wrongly....and hopefully by following my forecast....i should get range of A- to B-.....but still in my heart i want all it to be correct even the answer  is wrong...huhuhu
i wish i did remember back then during i was siting for the exam...actually it not that i pass the answer booklet then i realize the answer...its that i dont remember at all the answer....thats really funny...its okay..let by gone be by gone..its not like the end of the world...all i need to do now is score more on food processing, sensory, food analysis and basic nutrition.....wish me luck guys...i know i can do it!!!~adios~

im-didnt-answer-all-right face of mine

Monday, September 19, 2011

pre-graduates dinner

well like my housemate said...too much dinners too attend...padahal tak famous pown...  so we have to get in the bus early so that we arrive on time to Klana Resort in Seremban...but then im the one who not finish touch-up...even my hair still in progress of not gonna use hair dryer or else my hair will puffed up and become more just my hair not clique with the hair dryer...sorry Mr.Hairdryer cause you end up in my containers under my bed....huhuhu

so we arrive early....the first thing we do after when down the bus...straight to restroom ladies!!!touch-up a bit cause i slept in the eyes was so sleepy..i know im the sleepyhead..huhuhu we take some shots in front, inside the restroom...not only in that all area that we are allowed to pass through...hehehe mengalahkan orang buat photoshoot jek...muahahahaha i know most of us, i mean me and my friends are so cam-whore a.k.a cam-maniac.........................waiting for reactor of my campus to finish his speech are so restless....just finish it already you reactor...the foods looks so tempting and mouth-watery until i need to stuck the napkins in my mouth in case the watery from my mouth gonna drop, to much drooling and spoil my kebaya...gile gempak metaphor..hahahaha

i have no idea what happen that night but all start to become crazy with camera and there's a lots and lots of photo-shot going around....until i cant remember what time need to left the ballroom....

Saturday, September 17, 2011

Johnny English Reborn Review

Well this week whats more awesome than watching movies Johnny English Reborn to chillax abit from all the assignments and lab reports that already overdue...shame me huhuhu
So i went to watch movies with Mr.Tembikai..we went in a 15 minutes late...sorry my bad..i eat really slow....
but the thing is its not that late when we went in....
If i ever given one word that can describe the movie definitely Hilarious..
worth your dollar to watch..its a story about an agent name Johnny English on his latest adventure as intelligence officer in Her Majesty's Secret Service to stop a group of international assassins called the Vortex before they eliminate a world leader and cause huge global chaos. At first everyone thought it was English fault...including English himself believe that but somehow when investigating.he then realize its not he to be blame off....whats so funny is when he had flashback when he's Sifu said something....hahahaha
He must now employ with the latest hi-tech gadget that runs through KBG, CIA and MI-7....he dont really remember the functions of the gadget....for Johnny English, its always turn out to be laughing really loud until my muscle on my face cramp...hahaha there are two parts that i like the most which he called Susan as shooshan and the part where he is in the control of Ambrose when he accidentally drink the water that was made for Pegasus...In the end Johnny English save the day...almost save the day..

Rate : 9/10

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

and the winner goes to..............................

hye guy...its been quite a long time i didnt post anything to my blog...sorry...sorry..sorry...
i've been busy lately with final project..presentation and lots of assignments...still didnt complete yet...
Malasnyerrr i was so shock and glad that we win the food product development competition and yet i would like to say..
everyone is the winner, there are no loser
In this competition what ever happen our batch bonding still strong and become more stronger....
its so sad that after this, i mean next semester we're not gonna see each other anymore...there's so much to say..they all the best friends i would ever have and not regret to have them...we've known each other from day 1 we studied here in this its already 2 years and a half!!

the thing is, its hard to describe the way i feel towards this kind of situation..i hope one day we gonna meet again...there so much difference when i saw the photo that we take from 1st semester here...what make it more sad it that this friendship become unforgettable because at the same time this is when we become mature..can see from the face of 1st semester and now...hahaha muke budak2 hingusan abeh
okay enough with the emotional story, back to our fpd..
so the winner is our group with product i just post before...
this product is gluten-free puffed cereal made from chempedak seeds flour with chocolate flavour and banana slices..and the second place goes to Tebu Crackers...i love the crackers!!! plus the third place goes to Dragon Pie made from 100% dragon fruit either the filling and the crust..

i would like to give credit to my group members that was so dedicated...





our product name!!

kurung-sari new fashion..haha

me getting fat with all the tasting foods huhu

my group, chempereal cereal booth

rice ball booth

tebu crackers booth

dragon fruit pie

fica-mallow marsmallow booth

durio flakes cereal booth

c.l bar booth

Monday, September 12, 2011

retro night baby!!

sorry if i taken a lot of time to update my blog...muhahahaha
i watch too much movies...jadik pening2 lalat skit...
so last time i forgot to update about retro night...
Food tech society (FTS) dinner with theme Retro-glam babyyyy!!!!!
we do rock melang inn..yeah!!!!
All that join was so energetic, even the last slot before photography sessions, we all dance with back-up music from boney M..the VIP's also dance okay....never mind, i will put the video but FYI i do look fat-ass in this video...huhuhuhuhu anyhow...i did not play in musical chair or sing songs like our saloma, Izni Nor Ali.....
but i do win the lucky draw.....i got my self a sewing kit...
how the hell did they know i dont have my own sewing kit...oppss kantoi selalu pinjam orang punye sewing kit.damn!!

me and byla bubbly a.k.a boney M 

photos with lecturers

food tech boleh!!

lets play that funky music!!

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

finally perfect

last time i already post about the failure of my product....
since that we tried to modify the formulation dh jadi macam ape dh...huhu
last2 within 5 hours ago..we did it!!!
we found the right portion for our product....
tak yah nk happy sangat la kn...
makin bertimbun kerje lg ade lah just baru kurang 5% je dari kerje2 ni...
but still tak la rase risau sgt....
its going to be double the madness...

me with nad 

Saturday, September 3, 2011

lulua isabelle birthday party

gosh!! why am i so excited about 5-years-old birthday party...
with my sleepyhead...i woke up this morning in hoping everything does goes relaxing than rushing all the time...hahaha
why am i so sleepy within this week...cant answer that..studied facebook and webcaming too much i think...oppsss not so secret anymore...and yes this is the ugly in my sleepyhead face....hahaha

so after taking shower..oppsss kantoi xmandi lg time snap that pictures.. so any how after taking my shower ade pulak la org kepoh suruh mandi cepat2 skit..aduyai..rupenye dh lambat nk teman si sunshine pegi birthday party what's that suppose need to do with me...rupanya my aunty segan pegi sorg2....muahahaahaha
so thats how i end up at kids birthday party with dutch birthday songs....

its turn out to be well organize with fun so excited with all the kids being excited...including federick (lulua father); he so excited with the songs and blow the bubbles...hehehehe well all the kids have their own goodies bag..and inside the bag they already put party hat and mask with bottle bubbles and pop something and doll and i-dont-know-what things inside that..and somehow the weather started to become hot and so afraid of getting tanned as i already no so fair myself..huhuhu and i need to follow sophie a.k.a sunshine around just to hold her bobbles i admit i am the full time unconsciously nanny.... and sophie like so much to blow the bubbles but somehow the bubbles wont comes out...hahahaha that just so funny because in the end im the one who blowing the bubbles for her and also federick...
sophie trying to blow bubbles

i love the cake!!!! its the best cheese cake i ate with tinker bell doll on it ever...hahaha
but this is the only cake with the tinker bell i just dont make so many different right...hahaha well about the cake actually the tinker bell cake was made up of lulua barbie doll because her mom cant find tinker bell doll an without she realize that her doll missing...hahaha lulua just notice it when her mom told her after she blow the not much to regret ea...hahaha the birthday girl, lulua with her 1 1/2 inches heels and her pink dress with pink sunglasses and her kindda pink fur make a wish and blow the after the singing and the dancing and the eating birthday cake...the kids jump into the pool and playing with the big floating dolphin...hahahaha sorry guys didn't snap the picture of the dolphin thing..too bad cause i really like the dolphin thing hehehe
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