Sunday, September 30, 2012

Trip to Medan Day 3

Day 2 was the hectic day of all since we all walked so much that i can feel my foot begging to Day 2 me and my parents and Uncle Nik and Guntur went out for dinner at Garuda House..we first planned to have dinner at Mendailing because of mis-communication with the driver Angkota lastly we end up at Garuda House..we went back to hotel room by riding Bentor which is Beca is the same trishaw that you guys found in Malacca but here it was upgraded using motorcycle instead of bicycle..i think Malaysia should have this to the trishaw otherwise i will pity the old man cycled the trishaw while im just finish eating and start to bloated and become heavier..i can imagine what does it looks like to watch that old skinny man cycle with their effort..damn! More journey of Day 2..

Uncle Nik negotiating with the driver Bentor

In Day 3, as usual after morning breakfast around 9 am we started our journey to all of the malls in Medan by riding Bentor..sort of i pretty sure they only have 3 malls in Medan or so was i thought..we went by 3 Bentor..first Bentor, my mum and dad and second Bentor, me and Uncle Nik and last Bentor,Guntur on his own..but nothing much to see anyway in the mall..just a bunch of clothes that making me want to scream! after that we went back to Pasar Ikan Lama and strolled back to the shops there and my mum bought more kain telekung and kain telekung for kids, one for aira and one for sophie..the kids telekung is the cutest..with dots of Strawberries..

For lunch, we went to Mendailing yess finally! we went there by Angkota and they served so many many dishes like almost 20 dishes on the table and its feels like i have to hold my plate to eat..that shows how many of the dishes..and eventually there are some rules to eat Padang cuisine..
"Only take what you want to eat"
Why? because if you eat the dishes, they charge the price depends on the dishes you ate...either it is finish or you just take little bit, it will charges as you ate the whole dishes in the plate..
So my tips are:

1- Decide what dishes you want to eat
2- The dishes that you dont want to eat, put it aside 
    or ask the waiter/waiters to pick them up.
3- Never touches the dishes that you dont want to eat
4- Finish up the dishes that you choose

That night, Uncle Nik and his assistant went back to Malaysia while me and my parents had our dinner at the restaurant in the hotel..

The traffic was like crazy man!

Uncle Nik and Guntur negotiate price

Full of dishes

After deciding what to eat

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Trip to Medan Day 2

Day 2 on the journey in Medan..BTW we went around by riding Angkota which the real name is Angkot Kota means picking up to the city..actually the same kind of tuk tuk but they called it differently in Indonesia..its a sort of a van with big stereo and fits lots of people, seriously packed!!..its one of the transports here other than taxi as taxi cost triple but its cozy and chilled...anyway if you want the adventurous i definitely recommend to ride Angkota, it just worth to try..who ever missed my Day 1 to Medan..

Second day, we went walking by foot to the shop from couples of block from our hotel...okay fine! not couples of block but so many blocks okay and so far away we been walking...we started walking in the morning as planned after breakfast at the usual i had that conversation with Uncle Nik...about food silly! hahaha well its kinda funny and really knowledgeable information to talk to someone with experience while i only have the really does open my eyes on certain we were talking about tea which the orange pekoe is the most expensive tea, shape like a ball and when you poured hot water its will eventually open like a flower bloom..that is priceless experience man!

We walked and walked while enjoying the view in the city...well to be honest..its not mainly the view of the city but the view of the shops that sold many clothes and also kain batik and stuff...hehehe and that time we walked passed through Dian Pelangi Boutique..and all of the sudden, out from nowhere Uncle Nik searched for baju batik to wear for formal occasion..and this idea pop up in my mind 'Let go to the next boutique' which the next in line was Dian Pelangi Boutique...hehehe and they all agree..we went in to the boutique and i was like i need to buy something here..and the owner of the boutique, Ibu Rina shown me the dresses and the outerwear and asked me to try it on...its kinda awkward though because she was like really wanted me to buy as if she knows that i really want to buy lastly my money burn and fly to that cashier..she does gave good price since i bought unusual batik outerwear and Uncle Nik bought unusual pattern of baju batik..she gave us 15% discount or in Indonesian the called both of it cost 1 million rupees..

So that was the story i burn up my money in just few seconds..true story though..haha

That night, we went to Garuda House for Padang style dinner..the place was the cleanliness restaurant i ever seen and it was well maintained..the food there also quite nice..we went back to hotel room and rest all night..

Angkota, yellow van

Dian Pelangi batik outerwear

Saturday, September 22, 2012

Trip to Medan Day 1

Last July, i went to Medan with my parents and also my father close friend, Uncle Nikand his basically the 5 of us went to Medan..thank god his assistant, Guntur and he is Indonesian! Both of them went there earlier that they arrive at Danau Toba International Hotel early in the morning..i mean really early in the morning..while me and my parents arrive around noon..We all headed to restaurant downstairs apparently they have this kind of promo which 4+1 free buffet..what more to ask! buffet it is...hehehehe

After lunch, we went to Pasar Ikan Lama, FYI there's no fish sold or any other wet food nor dry at that market! i dont know why exactly they call it Pasar Ikan by the way...maybe long time ago that market was build as wet market...i have no idea why does it call Pasar Ikan Lama!!

You guys might been wondering what the hell am i went to Pasar Ikan Lama...the answer is they sold the cheapest and yet eye-catching telekung, headwear, kain pelekat and all those kind of stuff and they also have fabrics that i wish i would buy for my wedding and is it very cheap compared to Malaysia and our currency..BTW all shops in Malaysia bought telekung and stuff from Indonesia and they sold like few hundreds whereas if you buy telekung in this market it was like 60 ringgit and above for the same telekung..

After that, we went to Sun Plaza for tea time and to chill a little bit in the mall..everybody was like full of hunger and thirst after that walk at the market..light tea at Excelso cafe and all i wanted is nice plain cold water that can make my thirst gone! but they selling plain water at 60 rupees...i was like am i deaf or what can you say it again? yup they sell plain water for 2 ringgit instead of plain water i ordered mint tea while my dad ordered cappucino with cute design on top..i had a chicken BBQ salad while Uncle Nik ordered a slice of avocado cheese chocolate cake i think and the cake looks greenish with black that makes me thinks it was made from outer space...haha but it taste nice not bad actually..

That night, my parents wanted to relax at hotel room after all the long walking so we ordered room service food whereas Uncle Nik and Guntur went for karaoke..well cant comment about the room service food..not so good actually..but the juice fantastic! no wonder that night kinda rain heavily..oppsss hehe BTW i kidda miss Mr.T so we chat that night in Facebook..

On our way to Medan y'all

One of the shop at Pasar Ikan Lama

what a huge songkok!

Avocado cheese chocolate cake at Excelso

Room service 

Saturday, September 15, 2012

Still standing

Its been 3 years of long distance relationship
 And still standing strong, Us
All the journey, challenge and moments
You still there beside me, all the support
We may not be in front of each other
But we are close, Us

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