Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Simply nothing

Some might said that silent is the best medicine and i can agree more...but if too much of silent make others step out of boundaries...its not that im a bad person but somehow i don't know why people doesn't satisfy with what my act...its hard to satisfy all but i did try my best...but if too much of silent make my mind headache...and yes!! im not happy or cheerful all the expression may look happy but deep inside nobody would know....i did silent a lot but that doesn't means i like it....but who not here to play games but im here to work and gain experience that is just just cant think any reason of why people just unsatisfied with me and Nurul....what did i do wrong!!! 

It start make me feel annoying with people actions toward me....correct me if i am wrong but what did i do until i get to be sorry if i make you feel so envious but i did not make that on it the way that i dressed? forgive me to say this but i only wore plain shirts with one plain black slack...i did not wear anything fancy not even an accessory...except i wore head band and pin on my head...and that just it...i don't even wore high heel...i just wore plainly flat shoes to work not even slippers because it will make my feet dirty as im walking on grass to work being as modest as i cant and still people cant just get it over with...FYI i don't chat with big-talk and all....i know where i stand and i respects others....i may jokes a lots to make it a warm conversation instead of an awkward just getting sick with people judging me all the time...

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