Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Can you handle it

Last night, supposedly for dinner we are planing to make chicken curry not the thick one...when i arrive at home..i went straight to the ice box...what shock me the most the chicken is already spoil and start produce a smell that my nose hard to smell...and i been wandering why it is easily spoil and what come cross to my mind is the grocery shop that sell me that half chicken...i was so disappointed with some of the people who too crazy to earn money that they willing to lie on their customer about the quality of their product..and i would never going back to the grocery shop...the grocery shop just open last week and most all of the vegetables they sell already withered within one day...what that my mind been thinking maybe same with the chicken that they sold to wonder they wont allow me to buy quarter and buy another quarter tomorrow....

At first i had doubt about the quality of the chicken that i bought as this is the first time im buying kinda fresh chicken usually i always buy frozen boneless and skinless...easy right!! you do have to remove the skin and have difficulties in cutting the chicken with bone on it...and yes this thing does exist..the one that i and my family usually buy chicken brand from Ayam wont disappoint you!!! or if you have fresh supplier for chicken then go for it..anyway back to the grocery shop...they claim and convince me that the chicken is fresh and they said that the chicken were bought buy supplier early morning..and i did believe to their lies...and i was so angry!!! how could you such thing to your customer, the one who help generate your income..without us (customers), your shop would be closed at anytime..

After all the drama i end up with this idea of making vegetable curry..some may only know that curry are only for chicken, mutton, beef, prawn, crab and squid...and yes this dish some restaurant might written it as vegetarian curry...usually people who in category of meat eater would prefer protein in their curry..and in certain curry they not only using coconut milk but they also find other alternative such as fresh milk, yogurt, soy milk and some might not even use any kind of milk...but mine..i put coconut milk because this is what we have in the kitchen...i intended to use yogurt but cant find natural yogurt in shops here i am making vegetable curry using coconut milk with extra kick...some might say i was too spicy..for me it is perfection..hehehe i never use blend chilies in any of my curry because it make my curry not as authentic as Indian curry...usually in Malay curry it wont be Malay curry unless coconut milk and blend chillies is added inside it...i may not come from India but my meal is either Indian, Thai, Chinese or Western cuisine...sometimes i mixed the cuisine in my meal...yummy!!

Vegetable curry

p/s: i tend to wrote a lot if it is about FOOD!!

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