Monday, November 14, 2011

3 weeks in action

Without me notice its been 3 weeks in this not-so-new-place..they put me and nurul in Lab i was teach the first among the steps that need to be done once you enter your feet in this lab...Sweep and wipe is a must!!and always remember to wash your hand with dettol...ouh!! there was one time where one of my fingers got cut..i accidentally was my hand with dettol and at that particular spot where i got cut feel really hot!!!like placing your hand in oven....sometimes when there so much things that needed to be prepared and measure in R&D lab..i accidentally splash vinegar on that spot that i got cut...lucky now its already recover...fuhh....i know that clumsy is a tiny little part in my book of life...this week i been doing microbe test again..but this time i almost got it perfectly circle..the sample that been titre on petrifilm..still in progress of making is perfect circle..and FYI i do ask for tips...

Me eyeballing Nurul haha

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