Saturday, November 12, 2011

Nurul's 20th bday

It was the most spontaneous birthday plan i ever happen when i suddenly realize few days ago when she unconsciously allow me to watch her phone and facebook...and since then i know it...hahaha what that i do is that is was a last minute decision and me and aqilah and yana set the plan...and i ask her if if she want to go with me to Giant supermarket to buy some stuff for our house...aqilah and yana buy cake and waited at Mac Donald  while me distract nurul so that she will stay in Giant a bit longer just in case they jump up to each other...i know my plan do feel sucks!! because i know she will be near me anywhere i go except to the toilet..

The original plan was to buy her cute cupcakes with words on top of it said HB Mirakkk well we end up buying chocolate cake with walnut in the bottom layer of the cake...yummy!! so we all celebrate her birthday while having our dinner..the truth is at that time i already starving!! i made nurul window shopping all around that Giant..hehehe 

Today me and nurul bake pizza with fries in my magical oven...err not-so-magical..well that is our brunch..and for dinner we make thai was delicious!!!! maybe next time i will make make me feel hungry..

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