Thursday, November 10, 2011

Hold your senses

Today was not like yesterday...because yesterday i learn about applying what that i learn in campus for years which i kinda forgot bit by bit..microbiological test...i not kinda person who like microbes as they cause me diarrhea..hate you microbes...but anyway not all microbes are bad..some do good for us..and some help in making new product such as yogurt, tempeh and the way what am i trying to say is that today sensory test been done just now..and gosh!! it was organize than last week...and there was this guy i-dont-know-his-name which i called guy in spectacles from HQ did the sensory test..i dont know how it turn out...and the formulation already alter and taste much better than last time..fuuuhhhh...they said that this guy is one of the kind super-taster..i wish im in that kind of level..the kind which can even detect the differences even it only differ little tiny bit...being a super-taster is not a piece of cake..cake!! it making me feel thats all about today guys...nothing to gossip about....sorry nothing much happen today...


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