Wednesday, November 16, 2011

F for food

I know i may not be super cook but thank god i know how to cook...well let's u guys judge on that okay which level am i anyway yesterday after coming back home from work...i feel like eating chicken or chicken make me so appetizing...damn no wonder i gain more weight now even though i walk to work....its okay maybe tomorrow i'll run to work..anyway what im about to post today is that yesterday i did the cooking...and day before that Nurul did the cooking...its not like im bias or proud of myself or what..but i think i cook better than yesterday i end up making crispy fried chicken with long beans veggie..few days before that i make modified maggie as bachelor in rented must be modest and i did not receive my allowance yet...the first thing im going to do when i receive my allowance definitely im going for steambot...oh yeahh!!! that's more like it...

maggie curry

long beans veggie

crispy fried chicken

p/s: credit to Nurul for given me a chance to snap picture using her plate..

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