Thursday, September 1, 2011

hantu bonceng review

        This is one of the malay movies that i watch...other than Setem...i really like Zizan Raja Lawak...he's so funny...not like the jokes before..the dumb jokes like in other story.the story-line just so-so...and the movie quality also first i thought its a horror movie but then its just more on the comedian side...the ghost only when out for about 15 minutes from the whole i really thinking of watching Final Destination 5..but one of my friends had watched it few days need to cancel on that....i love thriller, action and adventure movies...hmm now i know why Mr.Tembikai like to watch the movies with me...hahaha and for real im kinda scared to watch horror in cinema only little bit...the sound system make me want to scream out loud...okay fine i'll admit....i do feel scared to watch horror....hehehe
for me when there's a ghost around in the story its scary to me...but this story juliana evans act as the ghost and twin sister....for those whom didnt watch it yet...if you have free time just watch this...just dont too eager to watch this movies...what can we expect from malay movie....

Rate : 5/10

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