Monday, September 19, 2011

pre-graduates dinner

well like my housemate said...too much dinners too attend...padahal tak famous pown...  so we have to get in the bus early so that we arrive on time to Klana Resort in Seremban...but then im the one who not finish touch-up...even my hair still in progress of not gonna use hair dryer or else my hair will puffed up and become more just my hair not clique with the hair dryer...sorry Mr.Hairdryer cause you end up in my containers under my bed....huhuhu

so we arrive early....the first thing we do after when down the bus...straight to restroom ladies!!!touch-up a bit cause i slept in the eyes was so sleepy..i know im the sleepyhead..huhuhu we take some shots in front, inside the restroom...not only in that all area that we are allowed to pass through...hehehe mengalahkan orang buat photoshoot jek...muahahahaha i know most of us, i mean me and my friends are so cam-whore a.k.a cam-maniac.........................waiting for reactor of my campus to finish his speech are so restless....just finish it already you reactor...the foods looks so tempting and mouth-watery until i need to stuck the napkins in my mouth in case the watery from my mouth gonna drop, to much drooling and spoil my kebaya...gile gempak metaphor..hahahaha

i have no idea what happen that night but all start to become crazy with camera and there's a lots and lots of photo-shot going around....until i cant remember what time need to left the ballroom....

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