Saturday, September 3, 2011

lulua isabelle birthday party

gosh!! why am i so excited about 5-years-old birthday party...
with my sleepyhead...i woke up this morning in hoping everything does goes relaxing than rushing all the time...hahaha
why am i so sleepy within this week...cant answer that..studied facebook and webcaming too much i think...oppsss not so secret anymore...and yes this is the ugly in my sleepyhead face....hahaha

so after taking shower..oppsss kantoi xmandi lg time snap that pictures.. so any how after taking my shower ade pulak la org kepoh suruh mandi cepat2 skit..aduyai..rupenye dh lambat nk teman si sunshine pegi birthday party what's that suppose need to do with me...rupanya my aunty segan pegi sorg2....muahahaahaha
so thats how i end up at kids birthday party with dutch birthday songs....

its turn out to be well organize with fun so excited with all the kids being excited...including federick (lulua father); he so excited with the songs and blow the bubbles...hehehehe well all the kids have their own goodies bag..and inside the bag they already put party hat and mask with bottle bubbles and pop something and doll and i-dont-know-what things inside that..and somehow the weather started to become hot and so afraid of getting tanned as i already no so fair myself..huhuhu and i need to follow sophie a.k.a sunshine around just to hold her bobbles i admit i am the full time unconsciously nanny.... and sophie like so much to blow the bubbles but somehow the bubbles wont comes out...hahahaha that just so funny because in the end im the one who blowing the bubbles for her and also federick...
sophie trying to blow bubbles

i love the cake!!!! its the best cheese cake i ate with tinker bell doll on it ever...hahaha
but this is the only cake with the tinker bell i just dont make so many different right...hahaha well about the cake actually the tinker bell cake was made up of lulua barbie doll because her mom cant find tinker bell doll an without she realize that her doll missing...hahaha lulua just notice it when her mom told her after she blow the not much to regret ea...hahaha the birthday girl, lulua with her 1 1/2 inches heels and her pink dress with pink sunglasses and her kindda pink fur make a wish and blow the after the singing and the dancing and the eating birthday cake...the kids jump into the pool and playing with the big floating dolphin...hahahaha sorry guys didn't snap the picture of the dolphin thing..too bad cause i really like the dolphin thing hehehe

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