Wednesday, September 21, 2011

what lies beneath first exam paper face

I know all might guess i did score my first paper and that's the reason that i went out early...
hopefully i did score..aminnnnnnnnnnnn.............
but the truth shivering inside the hall...its too cold and my mind start to cramp....huhuhu
even to tie the thread..its taking me about few minutes....what happen to me!!!
people who asking me about the paper might see my face like this....

5 minutes after when out exam hall

7 minutes 

10 minutes

but the truth is this is how its meant by first exam paper ETR300...
im doom!!!!
i hate this paper cause it giving me headache and make me want to go to the loo all the time...
i dont really see the connections between headache and pee.....hahaha
i did calculated the risk im answer it wrongly....and hopefully by following my forecast....i should get range of A- to B-.....but still in my heart i want all it to be correct even the answer  is wrong...huhuhu
i wish i did remember back then during i was siting for the exam...actually it not that i pass the answer booklet then i realize the answer...its that i dont remember at all the answer....thats really funny...its okay..let by gone be by gone..its not like the end of the world...all i need to do now is score more on food processing, sensory, food analysis and basic nutrition.....wish me luck guys...i know i can do it!!!~adios~

im-didnt-answer-all-right face of mine

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