Tuesday, September 13, 2011

and the winner goes to..............................

hye guy...its been quite a long time i didnt post anything to my blog...sorry...sorry..sorry...
i've been busy lately with final project..presentation and lots of assignments...still didnt complete yet...
Malasnyerrr i was so shock and glad that we win the food product development competition and yet i would like to say..
everyone is the winner, there are no loser
In this competition what ever happen our batch bonding still strong and become more stronger....
its so sad that after this, i mean next semester we're not gonna see each other anymore...there's so much to say..they all the best friends i would ever have and not regret to have them...we've known each other from day 1 we studied here in this campus....wow its already 2 years and a half!!

the thing is, its hard to describe the way i feel towards this kind of situation..i hope one day we gonna meet again...there so much difference when i saw the photo that we take from 1st semester here...what make it more sad it that this friendship become unforgettable because at the same time this is when we become mature..can see from the face of 1st semester and now...hahaha muke budak2 hingusan abeh
okay enough with the emotional story, back to our fpd..
so the winner is our group with product Chempereal...like i just post before...
this product is gluten-free puffed cereal made from chempedak seeds flour with chocolate flavour and banana slices..and the second place goes to Tebu Crackers...i love the crackers!!! plus the third place goes to Dragon Pie made from 100% dragon fruit either the filling and the crust..

i would like to give credit to my group members that was so dedicated...





our product name!!

kurung-sari new fashion..haha

me getting fat with all the tasting foods huhu

my group, chempereal cereal booth

rice ball booth

tebu crackers booth

dragon fruit pie

fica-mallow marsmallow booth

durio flakes cereal booth

c.l bar booth

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