Monday, September 12, 2011

retro night baby!!

sorry if i taken a lot of time to update my blog...muhahahaha
i watch too much movies...jadik pening2 lalat skit...
so last time i forgot to update about retro night...
Food tech society (FTS) dinner with theme Retro-glam babyyyy!!!!!
we do rock melang inn..yeah!!!!
All that join was so energetic, even the last slot before photography sessions, we all dance with back-up music from boney M..the VIP's also dance okay....never mind, i will put the video but FYI i do look fat-ass in this video...huhuhuhuhu anyhow...i did not play in musical chair or sing songs like our saloma, Izni Nor Ali.....
but i do win the lucky draw.....i got my self a sewing kit...
how the hell did they know i dont have my own sewing kit...oppss kantoi selalu pinjam orang punye sewing kit.damn!!

me and byla bubbly a.k.a boney M 

photos with lecturers

food tech boleh!!

lets play that funky music!!

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