Saturday, September 17, 2011

Johnny English Reborn Review

Well this week whats more awesome than watching movies Johnny English Reborn to chillax abit from all the assignments and lab reports that already overdue...shame me huhuhu
So i went to watch movies with Mr.Tembikai..we went in a 15 minutes late...sorry my bad..i eat really slow....
but the thing is its not that late when we went in....
If i ever given one word that can describe the movie definitely Hilarious..
worth your dollar to watch..its a story about an agent name Johnny English on his latest adventure as intelligence officer in Her Majesty's Secret Service to stop a group of international assassins called the Vortex before they eliminate a world leader and cause huge global chaos. At first everyone thought it was English fault...including English himself believe that but somehow when investigating.he then realize its not he to be blame off....whats so funny is when he had flashback when he's Sifu said something....hahahaha
He must now employ with the latest hi-tech gadget that runs through KBG, CIA and MI-7....he dont really remember the functions of the gadget....for Johnny English, its always turn out to be laughing really loud until my muscle on my face cramp...hahaha there are two parts that i like the most which he called Susan as shooshan and the part where he is in the control of Ambrose when he accidentally drink the water that was made for Pegasus...In the end Johnny English save the day...almost save the day..

Rate : 9/10

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