Wednesday, August 31, 2011

second day of raya

Waking up late on second day of raya...dah 1st day bukan main lg sakan beraya kn....
so not so late i wake up as my cousin Sophie and my aunty likes to interfere my sleeping time at 7 in the morning!!! i mean everyday....
so i woke up around 6.30 am...with my sleppyhead i rush to the garden to pluck some herbs to make fried rice for breakfast..actually its for kak ris..she going back already tthat morning as her flight at 8.45 am...
so i dont think much..i just straight away when to our herbs garden and pluck lemongrass, tumeric leaves, kaffir lime leaves and supposely with ginger flower but it doesnt grow with the mosquitos biting my feet and with my sleppyhead i rush to kitchen and make fried rice...huhuhu demi kak ris saya yg sorg...hahahaha
sebab lepas tu dye bagi duit raya... so not so big deal after all...sibuk2 masak and after sending her to airport...i when back in hoping that i can sleep later but then my aunty invited me to have lunch at temple tree bon ton with her friends aunty mei mei and her family with 2 i know why she invited me as well...nanny for a day...ptotla penat semcm je ble balik..hehehe

cat strecthing

bebudak ni kacau kucing tido hehe

helping sophie to wash her hand
after playing with the cats

beraya di kampong!!!
nope one of the villa at bon ton hahaha

the cat getting annoyed with sophie haha

Its just that its to early to grab lunch..hahahaha 11 am is to early??hahaha yes guys..its too early for i called itt brunch because after that i when to uncle malik's house for lunch...padahal lepas jln kejap pusing bon ton trus pergi rumah uncle malik...dont blame me..salahkan perot tong dram saya ye...hihihi

so gathered with my tante's family there..macam xpenah jumpa je...padahal dorg stay at my house and my studio...huhuhu so i have to stay at VIP's house....sedeyh...i want my studio..
so ding dong ding dong borak2 about tante being accuse at police road block and she cried and the police panic and release her..and we all laugh!!!

so after that we when to Kuah Jetty to send mathijs, he when back to penang by ferry...
in the car with sunshine sophie and she slept on my lap..awww so sweet...berat nk mampus kepala budak ni...
luckily she clever..she only 2 and a half..and talks a lot..when i say a lot means twice as i talk....

on the way to uncle malik's house
sunshine sleeping on my lap

do i looks like a god mom...
ini bukan anak saya!!!owh tidakkk!!!!

so that all about my second day of raya...this year i dont really pegi beraya umah org sangat..not so excited sgt sbb dh besar kowt....whats gonna happen next year eid fitr..hopefully my family did planing to celebrating in Jakarta next year...cross-fingers

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