Thursday, September 29, 2011

exam's mode

I know i dont update bad..i need to concentrate on my studies...since i get good result my parent hoping for something more...daaa you know what..this is why i dont want to get excellent result...i dont like people pressure me...i know what i need to do..i can pressure my self so no thanks for your not-so-helpful help..getting stress with burden assignments and all kind of trouble happen at the same this the study mood is on...this really turn my mood off...damn after all i manage to handle it..fuh!! any-who...tonight was double the lecturer sir Hilmi want to buy us (me,ellie,mai an byla) dinner...he own us big time....its been a while someone buy me dinner...hahaha nothing much just we had rice with daging masak merah, kailan ikan masin, tom yam and omelete..two things about me that i dont really show to people but sometimes do shows is that i love tomato doesnt matter is in juice or sauce or paste...i just love it from i was born...and the other thing is i prefer thai foods such as tom yam kung, som tam, pat pet chicken and kaeng som...maybe because my grandfather married to Siamese...and my home is near to Thailand and i often sightseeing in Hatyai...its like Thailand is my second country...hahaha ada jugak girls like that
muahahaha i think this is one of the memories that i will always remember till i die..there's nothing can be compare with lecturer buy dinner for us...ngeeeee~

what make this week funny is that i now realize new method to stay awake all night without feeling exhausted and sleepy and of course no caffeine!!what did i do...around 12 a.m i started feeling hungry and at once i feel like eating oat but i dont have oat..huhuhu so i end up eating 3 packs of Nestum 3 in 1..i make it very thick like oat kind of thick....i ate it and around 2 a.m i started to prepare to sleep as i usually sleep around that time but all of sudden...i feel active..i dont feel exhausted at all not even sleepy...i tried to close my eyes for about 2 hours and hoping that i could sleep...but i end up watching several movies and slept at 5 a.m.....around 8 o'clock in the morning i have call from my lecturer...and after that i dont sleep until it is the most longest time i stay awake ever!!!!

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