Wednesday, October 5, 2011

this is how its happen

Its started with one click on my left mouse..and there you go...i been offered to take diploma in food technology in Kuala Pilah, Negeri Sembilan..negeri sembilan?? where the hell is that country..i never been to that county yet..well because of im eager to take this course as im more hoping to get in campus Shah Alam..well never mind about here i am on the journey to a place that i never been before...

on my way to Pilahdelphia

the same room i've been staying for almost 3 years now

so long my bed-that-doesnt-belong-to-me

My first impression on the this is new...yes guys this is the new campus...and eventually i am one of the first thing about being first batch in this campus UiTM Negeri in my school MJSC Kepala Batas, Bertam in Seberang Prai, im know what is the worst case scenario might happen...poor facilities and the journey began...for 3 years been staying here..making this my second home...there is so much to learn and experience with all kind of people..people do changes...what makes them who they are is their attitude...some are easily been influence by others...some like to influence others..some are culture shock....some might feel lost...
There's so much memories that i have to this place...but im not hoping that im back to continue study in this place..hehehe need to explore new place...i may be look spoil by my parents but i love to stay away from them...hahaha im not the kind of girl that need to be 24/7 with my beloved family..its not that i dont love them or appreciate them..but life must go on...and i am already 20...and i think i should be able to make my own decision and being responsible in what decision that i make...i love to explore.. that's who i am..

when take 5..this is what we do

orientation week

out shopping with Mai Comel

why must during take 5 we take a shot..err

MIC class with Sir Hilmi

Class BEL
*syahmi sleeping oppss

Second year CTU

Boring in HBU

First time in class CTU
*which explain the veil

Visit to Yakult

Lab in Campus Shah Alam

lab unit operation while waiting for cake to bake

Figuring shape of microbes


Food technology scientist a.k.a Food technologist

Hot chicks

Noodle-making in lab

with our Ketua Program AS116

His magic camera that makes my pimples invisible

taking picture with Sir Eddie and Sir Rama

i miss you guys so so much

Mun sayang saya

Third semester with my roomates

Futsal match

FPD in Shah Alam

in lab food analysis
*pastu kne marah ngan lab
assistant sbb main2 dlm lab

on my way to class

what make this place is so special...its them..the food tech student first batch..they are irreplaceable..we all just fun and outgoing even how nerd or how smart they are...they just the best friends so far..thank you for being my friends ellie, mai, nad, faraishah, wani, auni, nah, diyana, dayah-dayah, mira , nurul, izni, byla, ainur, mariyah, nisah, mun, amin, pak lah, syahmi, keon, farid, wan, kib, anne, acap, fatin amira, asma and the geng, ika and the geng...malas nk tulis name byk2..


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