Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Cuci mata di Lorenzo

On my way to buy bus ticket to pilahdelphia because i have exam MUET which is speaking at 12th October 2011 at 7.30 a.m...7.30 a.m man!! like i ever wake up this early...hahaha gosh still cant imagine how can i wake up around that time...so belilah tiket bas pkul 10.15 mlm..agak2 smp pkul 5.30pg...pastu petang tu dh nk balik sni balik..mmg hidup saya ni untuk jenjalan jauh2 semata2 nak jawab MUET...kalo tak dapat band 5 jugak..saya ban pemeriksa tuh..hehehe

Back to the story...as going back from the bus station..suddenly my dad turn left..err nak pegi mne la pulak abah nih!!our house is on different direction so he end up parking in front of Lorenzo...sejak ble la pulak my house dkt lorenzo nih aduhai....ptotla berenti sini..rupanya tgh sales...muahahahaha seeing the furniture make me want to have my own house and design my own interior..perasaan macam la ada duit banyak kn..keje pown x...what i like the most is the paintings that they match to the sofa and the interior but this is nothing to compare with IKEA...IKEA awesome!!mmg kalo pegi xbeli pape mmg xsah...xtahan godaan barang2 dya..

i thought artichoke to eat only haha

is this flower fresh or fake?~guess~

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