Sunday, October 9, 2011

Restaurant at home

Hye guys...u might been wondering why must restaurant at home...and what the hell is she talking about..anyway what am i trying to say here is that u dont have to go to restaurant to have good meal with splendid presentation on the dish..jadikan dapur rumah anda sebagai restoran pertama..tapi kalo yg buta masakan tu mmg tak ley nk diselamatkan la kn..hehehehe home meal setanding ngan restaurant meal tonight i ate chicken chop with side dish grilled corn, mashed potato and sauté veggies...same with my dad...we usually take the same menu except last night...i ate lamb chop and he ate rib-eye steak..owh BTW my family routine is that we usually eat asian for lunch macam nasi campur ke mee sup ke mee kari ke but  for dinner usually western sometimes sandwiches...huhu ptotla ak kurus je dduk kt the housewife or househusband yang memasak la kn...please make the dishes look interesting...i know some might say..masak cincai2 dh la..nanti msuk perut jgak kn....yes mmg in the end msuk perut..but the best part of making dishes well presented is that to build up appetite...tak kan la bau bukan main sedap..skali pandang mcm apa je..tak seindah bau..hahaha apa pown boley...

sib baik sempat tangkap sebelum perasan pelahap tu dtg hahaha

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