Sunday, October 23, 2011

one week left

alangkah bestnye relaks mcm nih..
*mcm muat je nk msuk dlm besen kecik

OMG why semester break is so short!!!
 i need more time to relax before practical training..
baru nak hilang lenguh2 badan lepas siapkan final project beramai2..
i cant imagine my practical training life at Sime Darby Alif Food..
luckily i will do my training with Nurul which gonna be my housemate..
mcm nk mintak lebih je elaun mcm ni
rumah sewe pown xlepas gune duit elaun..
first need to settle about our house for two..
the next 4 months its gonna be about me, Sime Darby, Nurul...

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