Saturday, October 15, 2011

Smacker is in town

come to mama!!!
I have been waiting for long time for this product to be launch in Malaysia..its usually well known in USA as it is made in USA..what i like about this product is the so in love with vanilla lip smacker..FYI this is the biggy size of vanilla lips smacker usually the size much smaller..thanks Bonne are awesome!! one day hopefully you will come up with perfume with this kind of  flavours...maybe some might not know what is lips smacker..does it smack your lips or what right...actually its a lip balm with flavours such as real fruits, sweets and soft drinks..last couple of days im in Penang and the day that i arrive aunty take us (me and my mom) to dinner coincidentally in front of Guardian..while i playing with Sophie i enter Guardian to call up my aunty and at that moment i was so surprise..i already run out of my current lip balm im wearing Banana Boat Vitamin E and Aloe Vera Lip Balm SPF 30..this lip balm is magnificent..i like it so soften and moisturize my lips and make it shiny and i rarely had dry lips when wearing this...

thanks for your duty to my lips

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