Thursday, October 6, 2011

Flooding in Thailand

Just now i heard my dad talking to my mom that in Thailand were shortage of rice due to flooding in 1/3 of Thailand including Cambodia...padahal dengar dkt TV channel CNN yang abah bukak kn...hahaha when i get home this is what happen to me...too much news that i not like me..actually i don't really watch news but my dad did conquer TV so i don't have much choice...maybe u guys been wondering 'so what Thailand flooding' its doesn't not gonna do with us..not our country that flooding..daaa
FYI fellas!! don't u guys know that most of rice in Malaysia been imported by imagine if Thailand  i mean among their people run out of rice that supposedly use to transport to our we maybe gonna have rice emergency here!! mintak2 harga beras tak melambung2..kalo iphone 4s ley trun harga tak kn beras xley kn....i dont see any connections there..hahaha alamat kurus la pasni...huhu ohh tidakk!!


  1. iphone 4s pon nak cite jugak.haha
    btw im going to buy that think soon enough

  2. eyh how much iphone 4s tu?
    sbb xde lg price in malaysia...huhu
    ni yg nk jgak nih..hehe


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