Saturday, October 8, 2011

Nanny for a day

Being nanny for a day probably enough to get me aunty and sophie came yesterday and stayed with us over the weekend..and this make me busy with the cooking for dinner and cleaning the dishes..i know i get this a lot..

You cook?? <weird face> you must be joking me....hahahaha  *tgk monyet nih pown gelak 
People might think im just a spoiled-brat young typical...why is it difficult for people to believe i am family type of person...huhuhu what i had experience...there was this time where me and my dad, we went to this restaurant Restoran Khadijah in Pantai Tengah, Langkawi..we know the owner of that particular restaurant and by coincident the owner is at cashier counter..FYI the owner strictly that only her cook the dishes for nasi campur..

Dad : Eyh kak tak buat dh ka kuah dahl?

Owner : Takdak masa la encik..sbb susah cari bahan...tak cukup orang nk masak dahl..

Me : Kalo sy keja sini tlg masak bley tak kak..akak tunjuk la skit2 resipi2 kuah dahl tu..

Owner : Kamu keja cashier ja kowt..ayah kamu mesti nk kamu keja cashier...

Me : <looking to my dad with ??>

*Dlm hati : ingat sy ni xpandai masak ke..aduh

Sorry for the detour just anyway this morning i had this alarm clock a.k.a my aunty and sophie especially sophie which annoyed me every 5 minutes until i wake up with tickling my feet la...pull my blankets..playing with my not enough sleeping beauty..hahahaha mengalahkan model and in the end i wake up..we went to Alor Star Mall to shop for sophie's dress..she like dresses..actually the dress for her concert on graduation day in kinder-garden..hahaha kinder-garden pown ade graduation day while finding the right dress..i am the one who carrying sophie around..dah la berat nak mampus..sib baik tak patah tangan..dh mcm anak aku la pulak aduh jatuh saham mak..why me.....!!
one day when i have my own kids..sophie going to be on my first list for babysit them...muahahahahaha balas dendam nampak 

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