Saturday, August 20, 2011

f-p-d (failure product doses)????

lately im busy focusing on grouping project for final..
dh name pown final project ape bley buat la kn...
BTW product launching is gonna be huge and grand!!!
alamak malunye kalo product xjadi..opss my bad...

FYI our product name chocolate banana Chempereal..
cereal gluten free made from chempedak seeds flour..

setelah berminggu2 mencari solution nk bg jadik mcm koko kruch xpown milo cereal or rice krispies..
finally...bru jadi texture mcm tu...huhuhu
thanks to my team member ecah ngan nad..
kalo xsampai skrg ntah product tu baling kt dinding pown xpecah...dasyat gilerr...

cume now kena upgrade the taste so that setanding mcm koko kruch or better than koko krunch..
hahahaha *mad evil laugh
dh macam super villain dh pown..

everyday during free time we always there at lab food processing...
mcm2 procedure kena far things going well...
sometimes we forgot to sign out...time tu pulak la boboy bising2 kate mangsa mati dlm makmal la ape la...sbb xsign out dlm buku tu...hahahaha

maybe u guys dont know who is my group members...
they are the most awesome members i ever have..
oppss maaf ye ellie gamba anda tiade..xpe2 nanti ye..saba2...hehehe

penat crush chempedak seeds sambil berdiri..

this is the story of my fpd life...
it just the silly way to say about my work in my final project..
thank god this is grouping project..if not...dah kebumi dah..xcukup tangan nk buat...


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