Monday, August 8, 2011

1st timer blog-aholic the end sempat jgak buat blog..
hye name is nur-hani suryati...
jangan lupe ye my name ade dash between nur and hani..
people always spell-it-wrong...huhu
im from langkawi kedah....ala2 pantai gitu..
im the only child..bosan gle!!!!
my mum ni xreti2 nk beranak lg ke..bru happening skit kn...hehehehe
thats all about me..
hope you enjoy reading my story..

seriously my family is not that big..coz i dont have sisters and brothers...
so here it goes...great!! now i notice that my mum doesn't really like taken picture...
oppsss my bad!!

Me baru bangun tido

 uncle mathijs and my dad

OMG can see the difference of me in that two getting fatter...

my dad with sophie (lil cousin)

me and my dad adventure to koh lipe



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