Monday, August 22, 2011

behind the mask

i've been sick for few days first i had fever for couple of days..time2 puasa ni la nk demam..
at this time jugak la banyak kerja yang nak kena siapkan...
so far i can still cope with the assignments and also during this time our final project failed!!!
huhuhuhuhu nak nangis..sob sob uhuk
just like in meet the robinson movie..
Keep moving forward
cerita tu dalam macam berzaman dah but still its inspire me...
last friday dah jadi dh product...just need to alter the taste abit...
however, today we try to adjust the formulation make it taste sweeter and chocolatier taste
  (dh macam iklan koko krunch dh pown)
need to find other alternatives as the dough start to rise in steamer...
its flatten..huhuhu dimanakah salah ku wahai dough!!!

this is me in lab 

time ni jugak la batuk xhenti2..its kinda heavy coughing...penatnyeeee
actually the coughing started..bila hani terdesak..either talking too much or while drinking water..
how am i going to concentrate on my study nih...
macam kalo xsakit ni nak je study kn..hehehehe
its kinda weird to wear face mask with lab coat and hair net!!!!
the guy in registeration counter at Unit Kesihatan did warning me to wear the mask..
its not like i dont like to wear the mask but doesn't it look obvious that im sick...
which explain why people try to avoid me..yeke..macam tak je.
apart from being sick, this why i wear the face mask to keep food from become contaminated.

guess my face expression

however, it does bring the sweetness in me..through my eyes..
hahahahaha perasannye minah ni

the moral of the story:  jangan banyak cakap tapi banyak taip takpe...hehehe 

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