Wednesday, August 24, 2011

awesome holiday

Its gonna be the best eid ul-fitr ever!!!
although i may not meet all my relatives but i can guarantee that it going to be awesome..
my dad just call 2 hours ago..telling me that my auntie she looks like a sister to me gonna be celebrating eid fitr in malaysia this year plus my tante family gonna be around...plus2 angel and sunshine!!
eventhough i just celebrating eid fitr without all my still awesome..but with my cousins..
it double the awesome...
auntie marissa but that word doesnt exist in my family..hahahaha
i just call her kak ris..
although there are older than me..but they did look young...
ehem2 dh puji ni bley kowt dpt duit raya banyak skit..hehehehe

kak ris 

tante and my uncle with her siblings

well fun does happen more than twice a year...
i just need another 5 days to celebrate my second-time-this-semester-going-back-home...
yes...i dont actually going back home that often..
its not like i dont like it at home...i just feel the need of feel freedom
like i was joking with my mom....
sebab mama suka bebel kowt tu yang noni jarang balik..hehehehe
one of a must thing when celebrating eid fitr in Langkawi...
visiting my  friends hopefully i can arrange to go to fish spa a day before eid fitr..
i definately going hang out at night at Chenang beach when they came...
either while shop around there or going to the cafe near by or maybe the walk by the beach while listening to the jamming and finished up my donuts or ice-cream..maybe...i'll update later on eid fitr...

sophie aka sunshine

aira aka angel eating her favourite banana muffin 

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