Sunday, August 14, 2011

totally rubbish

post kali ni memang pasal orang yang menyampahkn hani and dibalas dengan sampah...
its gonna be the longer post i ever put in this blog....
seriously..u message me in the morning and invite me to ur meeting that interfere with my beauty sleep... hello
and u treat me like super your senior..although im younger 1 or 2 years that u that doesn't mean u can make shit of me and my sorry to say but the way u done it make u looks more immature than me..

threat people just the way there call me to go to your meeting to discuss about your bullshit plan...even my cousin (aged 3) can do much better than u..when he said did you do this by force...u use your Islamic words 'dh orang bg amanah..tak buat kang berdosa' so if you do your amanah without you think it still can consider as reward??.sorry to say..i may be free hair..even you do shit to my friends...i will put my effort with professional...where is your humanity...belajar sampai 4 flat tapi perangai macam harem..baik tak yah belajar..

even if you have 4 flat but you always condemn other people just because they are not that smart like are not that only smart on paper...not in real life...some may not be as clever as you but they have effort and spirit to study..that more important..even in says that there are no limit of can still learn at all nice to people...what the point if you only care about relation with god..but you dont care about relation among human being..just because you so smart..why at your age you still in diploma..not in degree..can you see..your are so pathetic..even god already taken some of your grace in this world..god give you cock-eye and dim but still you dont realize it and make shit of other are meaner than mean girl and that's the truth..if you are so perfect, why dont you become best student..and dont make face with make me feel disgusting and somehow i feel like punching you in the face and poke your cock-eye..

one more think that retro (60's) is lame and old-fashion...but you know fashion in the first place? its not the fashion itself that you..even my friend that is more religious than you know about what is the meaning of said that it is lame..means that you are much more lame that the fashion itself...even nowadays people back with 60's style...skinny..bright colour..big and super massive sunglasses...wait a minute...i dont even think that you know a shit about this fashion thing...i may not be fashionista but at least i know about fashion..

wondergirls retro style

super hot orange

you are messing with the wrong girl and the wrong people..


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