Saturday, August 27, 2011


there are things we didnt expect happen in our lives somehow did happen consciously and unconsciously with/without our attention of noticing sorry cause i made this kind of mistake..i dont really notice what i did till its happen so forgive me for my Mr.Tembikai told me yesterday..not so yesterday..
"nobody in this world is perfect"
let by gone be by gone..i dont hate you really..but you are not the kind of friends that i wanna be friends with it not like im too demand in making open..i dont judge people but being friend with you gonna fall out my other words you are not good enough to be my friend not even clique..

dot put out your poker face to make people fall for you cause u may tried to sweet talk to make me fall for you..the truth is im not gonna fall for you as im already know your tactics or command and conquer..
dh mcm bunyi game dh pown....hahahaha your journey with me is over..i know people might guessing about whom am i taking about..its not Mr.tembikai of course..he's my best friend and my lover..nothing can change that..and guys dont think too much about who he/she is...i cant tell much..but if you are closed enough with me and you might know whom im talking about...hahahaha

i thought we are friends and friends talked about who we really are..and the story that you make..did make me feel pitiful for you as i thought you are the really victim here but in the end the real you did come out after all..i dont mind making friends with you but i know one day you will take advantage of who i really begging god sake please not telling you that because i telling you because i care..but wait..we are no longer friend so what do i care right....hahahahahaha i care about other people that gonna be your victims..

don't be angry with what i say to you because you know what the things is don't be mad with my decision saying im kinda *** or something cause i know u'll do better than that...hahahaha when thinking about it back..i don't even know why im totally agree with you anyway..u seem nice to me but in your heart you are not that nice after all..even your friends dont like you so what can you expect from me..hahaha

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