Tuesday, August 30, 2011

littlest things i do

i may not be talented but i like to take pictures....
huhu jangan bangga sgt tgk2 gamba ciput je..hahahahaha
btw i love travelling and taking pictures depends on what camera i bring..
kalo lupe bawak tu diam2 je la ye..hahahaha

i been travelling alot before but since im in the relationship i started to become slow and steady because mr.Tembikai doesnt like travelling so much....apa pown tak boleh.....huhuhuhu
maybe my dad likes to travel and bring me along with him...nampak sgt anak abah..  hehehehehehehe

so far not so much places i have been to...singapore-thailand-amsterdam-london-paris-phuket-koh lipe
since koh lipe is about an hour  from langkawi by speed boat so it gonna be my another holiday spots to relax...

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